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bento lunches week 6

Do you remember when I did bentos for awhile? (I don't do them as often, basically only when we go to the park or playdate...come kindergarten in August though.....) Well, this is a post I had prepared and then lost to the netherworlds of my drafted post page...haha! ANywho, I thought I'd put it up anyways since it's fun, and I have lots of stuff … [Read more...]

bento lunches round 1

Yes, I've hopped on the Bento lunch bandwagon...this way of packing lunches has a big appeal to me! Even though Sadie doesn't start kindergarten til next year, we still pack a lunch to go to parks and play dates at least twice a week. (the girls are requesting them on the weekends!) A few reasons are: 1. Less plastic waste-it's all … [Read more...]