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miniature version of a real life room

I've been bitten by the miniatures bug! It's official. I have pretty much finished up the dollhouse reno-just need to write the posts! Still, I was chomping at the bit for a new project. Sooo...I decided to miniature-ize real life rooms that I find online! First up is this beautiful entry way designed by Anne Sage for West Elm See their pic … [Read more...]

Best of 2014 round up!

I always have a great time looking back over a year of blogging-it's nice having proof that I did something.  ha! See previous round ups here:     2011     2012     2013 Here are some of my favorites posts and things I made/did this year! leather bag-I use this CONSTANTLY and my sister asked me the other day where I got it. After I socked her … [Read more...]

cute and quirky playroom makeover

I finally am ready to share the playroom makeover with you all! I am so excited about it-it's my new favorite room to hang out in, which is handy, cause the kids kinda like it too. What are the ODDS? I wanted it to be cute and quirky-playful, of course, with a touch of elegance. I had some quirks I had to work with, as this is an add-on sunroom, … [Read more...]

rollie pollie pillow

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen that I've been working on my playroom-which is really an attached sunroom off of our living room. We've been in this house 6 years and still never framed out the door or finished painting or adding baseboards. for shame! It's been an eyesore (in my opinion, ha!) so I finally poked and prodded Rory into … [Read more...]

vintage may guest: sewpony

today's vintage may guest is such a lovely gal. Suz from sewpony! I've known Suz for awhile, she's a gifted sewist and has some really adorable patterns she's released! Even a swimsuit pattern that I can't wait to try when it comes out! Her style is so fresh and fun. I loved perusing her dollhouse post while I've been working on mine. chock full … [Read more...]

Sincerest Form of Flattery guest: Erin from Sutton Grace

Meet Erin, from Sutton Grace, if you don't know her already! If you don't, you should! This talented lady has many wonderful projects, sewing and crafting alike. Plus she is super nice and has some great home decor sense and has some of the coolest furniture I've seen. Basically I wish my house looked like hers! Anyways, some of my … [Read more...]

Sadie’s big girl room

It's "done" at last! I say "done" cause I'm not in love with the rug but it works for now and was only $5, and I still haven't figured out what to put on the dresser, and her dollhouse isn't done...but it's basically, pretty much, done. it is!This is the view from the's hard to make that shot look good, but I tried. really! I … [Read more...]


so here's what we've been up to:mischief!i promise, sadie does not wear the same shirt two days in a row, this is from yesterday afternoon, it was just too cute! she totally found my yarn and was unwinding it before i even got around the corner, 10 seconds behind her. she is FAST!today i re-covered sadie's lampshade, i've been slowly trying to … [Read more...]

first steps

so, exciting day yesterday. joanna and i went thrifting and i found a lot of great stuff, a few pairs of jeans, some skirts, a dress, a dollhouse for $15 (more on that later)....oh, and sadie took her first biggie.woo-hoo! we are so excited! now we will be chasing her and wrangling her away from stuff even more!just kidding. it really … [Read more...]