vintage may guest: welcome to the mouse house

today’s vintage may guest is Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House!

She is so SO uber talented. A pattern designer on her own and also for Willow & Co, which has some adorable patterns I can’t wait to try!

her little gal is just the sweetest in all her mama made goodness!

I love the things she sews for herself, too. I pretty much want to sneak over and steal this dress. (don’t worry Hayley, I won’t. maybe)

soo good, right?

You are going to LOVE what she sewed up for vintage may. It’s incredible! Well, THEY’RE incredible.

Just hop over and see what I mean!!

vintage may || welcome to the mouse house

vintage may || welcome to the mouse house

and…as always! you know where to go now!

vintage may ||  craftiness is not optional & skirt as top


  1. Thank you so much for having me Jess…. it was an honor and so fun!

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