DIY color blocked painted utensils

DIY color blocked painted utensils

I am super dee duper excited to share with you these adorable color-blocked painted utensils! I made them for my “mommy friends”  (as Sadie calls them….we usually exchange Valentines along side the kiddos at my annual Valentine party-if you are a friend of mine-LOOK AWAY. Or at least act surprised….), and I’m smitten. I grabbed some nice bamboo utensils (affiliate link) and whipped them up over the course of a few days. They really were quite simple to make and are so striking, don’t you think? I hope each of my friends can find a color combo that works in their kitchen! If not, well…it’s still usable, right? Hide it in the drawer or somethin’.

DIY color blocked painted utensils

 DIY instructions below!


DIY color blocked painted utensils

I propped them up to dry upside down in various cups and vases.

MZ7A4093DIY color blocked painted utensils

 and of course, I made a FREE printable to go with the project idea! I have them available-one with the saying by itself (in case you want to add it to another kitchen gift),  and one with the additional *hand wash only advice.

what's cookin tags

DIY color blocked painted utensils

I think they look so purty all laid out in a row.

DIY color blocked painted utensils


  1. I love these! The colors are so fresh. What a great gift idea!

  2. These are so pretty and I think these might be a good gift for students going off to uni.

    • true! so many people would love them I’m sure! Also would make a great wedding gift combined with something from their registry 🙂

  3. Deborah Nowland says

    I realize Amazon may be an affiliate, but I just saw this same type of bamboo spoon at Bed Bath and Beyond for $6 for 6 spoons. Good idea.

  4. These are adorable! Another good option is some simple woodburning designs, which I did for some of my friends this past year. Bamboo is dishwasher safe (without the paint) so if you want to keep that trait, woodburning is a good choice. I do love the colorful ones, though!

  5. Love these! We painted wooden spoons at our MOPS group – we used Martha Stewart paints which are dishwasher safe! No need to spray the sealer! Mine has been washed in the dishwasher several times and still looks great. I love the tag!

  6. How cute and simple. love it!

  7. Those are darling! I think cooking might be a little less “blah” with those around. 🙂

  8. Ok. now i think i need some!
    Well done! They look so great!!

  9. Super cute idea!

  10. Those are really cute! I LOVE that you don’t reserve the fun tags for kids only. =)

  11. I made a bunch of painted bamboo spoons in the fall and absolutely ADORE them. They make cooking so much more fun!

  12. Thanks for sharing!! these are so beautiful in a Minimalist way (my favorite way :)) i gotta make myself some of these!!
    did you use regular paint?

  13. While I think it’s a fabulous look and a great idea, if I had to wash my wooden spoons by hand, they would be for decoration only! 🙂

  14. I love these! The colors are great – makes me think of the lobster buoys I see here in Maine all year long. Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. thank you for sharing! i love the tags and painted utensils!

  16. AHHHH! I love these so much! Your color choices are perfection. 😉

  17. What type of paint did you use?


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