Back to school shopping with Kohls!

Sadie and I recently went back to school shopping-for the first time ever! She starts kindergarten next month (pause to hyperventilate), and she is SOO excited. So when Kohls contacted me about participating in their Back 2 School campaign, I was all for it! I don’t let myself go shopping for the girls much, so it was really fun to let loose! Also I was nervous about letting her go to school in all handmade clothing (mostly because I know kids are HARD on clothes at school lol) so it’s nice to have a good mix of handmade and store bought for her school debut!

 We made a day of it and went to lunch at Panera afterwards, too. Sadie loved having me all to herself (ditto, kiddo), and kept saying,” Mom this is Sadie and Mom’s special day!” It was adorable. 🙂

We both had a great time picking out her clothes, and we actually agreed on most of it-she is a pretty easy to please little gal when it comes to clothes….as long as there is some pink involved. And eek! She got her first pair of Chucks!

 love ’em….also a few pairs of faux Toms that are flipping adorable. I love kids shoes. So anyways….I tried to pick out clothing that mix and matched, and we had a ton of fun making new outfits when we got home! Here are a few of my faves below!

My little gal in these skinny jeans=cutest thing ever. I got them in a slim size, and they ACTUALLY fit her little legs! And the polka dot sweater? hello. love at first sight. They have it in navy blue too, though not in her size. (sad face)

I am obsessed with this horse print tunic. It’s in my favorite colors (ahem, Sadie likes them too….haha) and hello? with those aqua leggings? so cute!

I usually don’t like screen printed shirts, but this little owl looks like she’s ready to start learning! Plus the colors are fresh and fun! Plus, built in shorts…score.

Ya’ll know about my hot air balloon love-so this shirt was a given! Sadie loves them too, luckily.

 I ADORED this hi-low ruffled top-I’m thinking about recreating it! This print is fantastic-it went with no less than 5 of our bottoms that we picked out-how’s that for versatile?

This could go on for a very long time, so I’ll stop there…haha!

So a huge thank you to Kohls for helping us with our back to school shopping! We had a fantastic time and Sadie is looking forward to school even more now! (especially after I let her get a light up My Little Pony backpack. haha. Mom of the year award, please and thanks.)

Disclosure: I was given a gift card to Kohls, but all views and opinions are my own. I would never endorse something I didn’t use love-and we are avid Kohls shoppers!

Oh yeah, Kohls sent along some amazing little gifts for me, too! I am in love with the nail polish color, and I adore a good floral scarf & candle combo.


  1. Oh so cute…and you did not mention the “to die for” pink polka dot sweater. IF that is from Kohls I am RUNNING out the door (G)!!!
    Best of luck to your little one, and Mom too. Very fun post. XXX

  2. I saw that pink polka dot sweater at Kohl’s yesterday and it KILLED me to leave it there! I am so keeping my eye out for when it goes on a deep sale 🙂
    Heidi @

  3. Great choices! My little girl starts kindergarten this fall too!

  4. such cute stuff! gotta love kohls!

  5. Such cute stuff! I’ll have to check out those skinnies for Syd. We need to start a kindergarten support group…I’ve got 3 weeks left until I send her off 🙁

  6. Woah these pieces could not be more CINO! That horse shirt – come on!!! Awesome. Also, can’t let Em see a light up MLP backpack, I’d be powerless to that magic too. 😉

  7. we love kohls, too! i just discoverer them after a massive 100 lb weight loss that lets me buy clothes just about anywhere. and everything has been excellent quality with great selections for colors! and the sales?!? got hubbs 8 tall length polos in awesome colors? $85!!! plus we got kohls cash back. and just got to *finally* order my kitchen aid mixer. (I’m 40….) after the kohls cash and the sale, it went from $449 to $199…. with only $7.50 for shipping….

    so yes. i am with you. we homeschool so our school clothes shopping isn’t as massive at once anymore. but i love that we can get great looks for my teen kidlet also;a nice change since before we moved where there was a kohls we were stuck with old navy to get decent styles at decent prices for boys. (not that i don’t also still love old navy….)

    eli (13) also has his first pair of chucks this summer.

    *sigh* finally style i can relate to… lol

  8. I ❤ kohls! they have the best deals! and that horse print is too cute!

  9. You & Sadie have great taste! Would you mind sharing what brand the horse tunic is? My little one NEEDS it. I’m pretty sure she needs pink chucks too. And that polka dot cardi… I think I need an intervention.

  10. CUTE clothes! I love the horse-print tunic and the hot-air balloon top.

  11. Love Jumping Beans. That brand is the best for kid clothes. Durable, totally fits my tall skinny kid, and they are totally affordable!
    Thanks for sharing all your scores. Kohl’s is awesome.

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