Vintage May: feedsack Geranium with peter pan collar

More Vintage May is on the way! We’ve got one more week of the fun-I can’t wait!

So is it just me, or was Miss Charlotte MADE for vintage style clothing? Her little cherub face and curly pigtails…she just kills me. πŸ˜€ For her look I nabbed this awesome feedsack fabric from Joanns and made her a Geranium dress out of it. (this is like my 5th geranium…I heart that pattern) I went with the cap sleeves because they’re adorable, easy, and easy. Did I mention easy? I drafted a peter pan collar for it, and added navy blue piping before sewing it up. (see this tutorial for some tips on drafting/sewing a pp collar) Then I sewed a piece of bias tape right under the collar, and tied it in a sweet bow.

I love the bright red candy-like buttons on the back! And the piggies. Sheesh.

I also shortened it a bit to show off those cute toddler knees! I sewed up a size 2T and chopped off about 2.5″ before hemming it up.

Now enjoy the rest of our vintage photo shoot!

Also, you have GOT to see Kristin’s gorgeous swing jacket she made for her daughter-we both must be crushing on gingham lately!


  1. What a pair of cuties you have – the outfits are gorgeous too. I’m loving Vintage May!

  2. Cute!

  3. beautiful!

  4. WOW!! Your sewing really inspires me to try new things and add my own spin to patterns. My sister and I just set up our own blog.

  5. SOOOOOOOO lovely!

  6. Anonymous says

    I really like your creations, they are always so beautiful and inspiring!! πŸ™‚ Your daughters are gorgeous, as always!!

  7. Gorgeous Jess!!! Charlotte is looking more like Sadie. Two little besties! Love the piped collar. You will have to frame some of these!:)

  8. Just ADORABLE!!!

  9. Gah! They are both so incredibly, adorably cute!!

  10. Oh man is she cute! Those pig tails just kill me πŸ™‚
    Is the cap sleeve an option on the geranium or did you add that yourself? I still don’t have that pattern and ask myself why not at least once a week when seeing someone else’s version.

  11. Wow, were there any bad pictures?! Adorable. Love the colors of the dress and colar.

  12. This is soooo cute! The photo shoot was awesome, too! My kids are not quite so cooperative. Maybe if I gave them soda… Great job and I love the piping on the collar especially!

  13. They are so stinkin’ cute I can’t even stand it! I cant seem to stop making Geraniums either. Love the Peter Pan collar and the piping!

  14. The sheer amount of adorable in this post is too much. Those prints together, the pig tails and headband….oh! This must have been a fun outing in these happy clothes!

  15. Gorgeous!

  16. Gorgious , so sweet!
    I really LOVE your style ….
    Greetings from Belgium

  17. Um, adorable.

  18. Absolutely gorgeous! She looks so cute. Love the whole idea of feedsack fabric.

  19. The cuteness is killing me! Your girls are just adorable and the outfits are too cute! I love that floral fabric and have been eyeing it at Joann myself.your geranium dress has convinced me to go and buy some!

  20. oh, the sweetness! Both in the outfits (love that collar!) and in the girls. What adorable daughters you have!

  21. Your girls are so beatiful! Nice pictures, lovely dress πŸ˜‰

  22. Look at those cheeks as she’s drinking from the straw! Fantastic photos, the cutest girls ever and I love their outfits!!

  23. Beautiful clothes on beautiful girls! Love your pictures!

  24. Adorable in a bazillion ways! Those photos are such keepers. I haven’t purchased the Geranium dress pattern yet because I really want it for Brooklyn, who is 6, and the pattern only goes up to a size 5. I might just bite the bullet and grade it myself but I’m such a lazy noob…

  25. this is CRAZY adorable! geranium + piped peter pan collar = brilliant. so cute!!

  26. Seriously the most adorable girls! Those outfits are perfect! Like vintage golden books perfect!

  27. They are so cute! I found your blog on Pinterest and I adore your girls Γ‘nd your sewingskills. You make the cutest outfits.

    In this post, I like the seconds to last picture best (if I translate it right.. the last picture where the girls are sipping their drinks). But honestly, I dislike none of your pictures!

  28. The dress is absolutely darling!

  29. So adorable! Yet another cute dress I wish was in my size! πŸ™‚

  30. Absolutely adorable! (All of it!) Makes me wish my girls weren’t so darn grown up now … at 11 and 9 they would never let me put them in a gingham jumper. πŸ˜‰

  31. Those girls are so adorable I can’t even stand it! Miss C. Oh my. She is totally born to wear vintage. Love the collar on the geranium. I will have to try that!

  32. These girls are just too stinkin’ cute! The outfits are to die for!


  33. Your girls are just way too cute!! And of course the dresses are devine!

  34. Charlotte is like a vintage doll! Love the photos and the collar. I’ve been thinking about adding a collar to the Geranium (I’ve got my fifth cut out too hahahah) but haven’t made time to do it. Did I miss the info about Sadie’s outfit?

  35. Words cannot express how cute this is. Yes, she really has a perfect vintage face! So very sweet, the whole thing!

  36. Yes, Miss C was totally meant for vintage clothing, perfect! I love how much fun you and the girls had on this photo shoot, looks like a blast!


  37. Darling girls! I love the peter pan collar you added. It looks so cute with that dress/fabric.

  38. i love me a good peter pan color. gets me every time!

  39. Sadie and Charlotte get cuter every day — and they are impeccably dressed. Great work!

  40. would it be weird if i just pinned every photo in this post? seriously perfect, jess! adorable!!!!

  41. Stop the cuteness!! I can’t take it! Seriously, such a cute look- I love that you shortened the dress- it is very Dick and Jane this way. Pair it with a cardigan in the fall!

  42. Oh my goodness, your girls are too cute!! Those dimples unbelievable!!

  43. Gorgeous as always! I love it <3 !

  44. OH MY GOSH!
    The one where they are sitting down sipping soda! It’s too much! So stinkin’ cute.

  45. Anonymous says

    Your little girls are such a cute pair. I’m glad you showed heaps of photos!! too cute πŸ™‚ & the outfits are just gorgeous

  46. Guh. Adorable. Both outfits are super vintage and cute, but together they really do give you the impression that the girls are in another time.
    Joanns seems to have gotten some florals recently that I actually like, which is kind of shocking.

  47. You just broke the internet with cuteness.

  48. That is one of the cutest photo sessions.
    That dress is adorable (and your girls are beyond adorable!).
    Fantastic job.

  49. Charlotte is just stinkin’ adorable, as is her dress, but I’m dying to know where you came up with Sadie’s romper outfit! Did I miss an earlier post or a link? I so need to make one of those with that ruffled collar!

  50. Definitely the cutest pictures on the web. beautiful sewing too, as always.

  51. ohmygosh! how flippin cute are those two sweeties! i’m on cute overload!

  52. Adorable and fantastic photos! I was just searching around yesterday for some help in designing collars and here this post comes along. Such a beautiful dress and little girl too. Wonderful, thanks for sharing!!

  53. what a lovely siblings!!! they are beyond cute!!!

  54. Beautiful dress! I love the piping on the collar, that extra detail really helps with the vintage feel. Vintage kids clothes always had such great detail. Wonderful pictures of your girls.

  55. It wouldn’t let me post yesterday so I am back! OH MY! That dress is the cutest and these pics of Charlotte have to be the best ever! I was laughing at how cute the “giggle” picture was.THEN…the next picture of Charlotte looking at Sadie-LOVE it! Gosh you have the cutest kids–such personalities!These outfits are awesome!

  56. What an adorable sister shoot! And the piping on the collar just makes that dress.

  57. Oh look at them out for a little window shopping!!! So adorable! The outfits are superb!

  58. Oh Jess, you made another cute dress! I’ll use your tuts again how to make pp colar + piping. Thanks for tutorial and inspiration for vintage dress! πŸ™‚

  59. I die I die. I can’t stand how cute this is, all of it! So fabulous, Jess!!

  60. Oh, this is so darling! I love the fabric, love the collar with the piping and bow, and ADORE the red buttons in the back. And you are right, Charlotte is the perfect little vintage model. =)

  61. Your girls are so lucky to have such a talented mom. πŸ™‚

    And they are beyond adorable in these crazy cute outfits! Well done. You’re totally inspiring me to sew more for my little girls. πŸ™‚

  62. Holy shit that was amazing. My heart got all bit several times, it just kept expanding with how incredibly cute those girls are! I just, I can’t. I have no words to properly say how adorable your daughters and their clothes and these photos. I need to save this post somewhere so I can look at it next time I need cheering up. Freaking adorable!!

  63. That dress is super cute! And the collar is impeccable!

  64. The photos are absolutely killing me! Too adorable.

  65. This is about the cutest photo shoot I have ever seen!!!

  66. These two girls could not be any cuter! I love their vintage get-ups…the whole thing is adorable! Nice work!

  67. Looks great!


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