Project Run and Play week 3-Modern Marigold

“It’s all in the details” week was definitely the hardest for me, design-wise…it took awhile to figure out what I wanted to do…after all,Β  the theme “Details” is not much of a guideline. I could pretty much do whatever I wanted! Talk about overwhelming. Finally, with the help of my awesome best friend Cassy,Β  I was able to gather a collection of fabric together that I was excited about and then decide on my pieces!


The ruffled top is the piece that pulls it all together-with the mustard yellow, white, red,Β  and blue. I added a cut-out notch on the sleeve and framed it in some red piping and bias tape.

The three rows of ruffles were carefully tacked down so that they stay in place but retain their awesome ruffliness. (its a word…promise πŸ˜‰ The top buttons in back with a vintage brown button and the A-line cut of the top frames the bias trimmed mustard skirt.

The sweet A-line skirt is actually a cast off from week 1! I dyed some too-bright yellow linen with tea bags until it was the perfect mustard yellow, then made narrow bias tape and sewed it on carefully for a fun swoopy sunburst pattern. Look carefully-it’s subtle!

It has a flat waistband in front, and some elastic in back for a comfy yet stylish skirt. I love the little kick pleat in back! I added some ruffled white trim on the bottom for some interest.

The red cardigan was made from a thrifted cardigan-totally cut apart and re-sewn into a new grandpa-style cardigan for this look!Β 
This piece took the longest because I wanted it to be as well made as possible. I added some pleated pockets, new red buttons to match, and button tabs on the sleeves with hand embroidered buttons to match the pattern on the shirt!
Β I also added some color blocking on the top of the back of the cardi, and two little tabs on the side seams to hold the quirky tie.

I also made this fun hair tie with some felted balls I made, but since one started coming undone a little, the photos didn’t pass muster for the official entry. I’ll show you my sloppiness anyways. πŸ˜‰

A many-petaled felt flower clip featuring french knots finishes off the look!

Β *big wink* ;-D
More Sadie gems below!


  1. This top is so lovely!

  2. I am in love with this look – so perfect!

  3. That looks fabulous! I love all the details. It is so coordinated and still looks comfortable! I voted for you right away. πŸ™‚

  4. oh wow, this is such a fun color palate for little girls! The blouse is amazing, love that print!

  5. Let me tell you, I just ran across your blog and I am a little obsessed. I actually just asked for a sewing machine a couple weeks ago for my birthday at the start of may and I am also pregnant with a little girl due in July! Needless to say, I will be indulging in your blog from now on!

  6. love it! the colors are gorgeous…and the last group of “behind-the-scenes” totally made me laugh.

  7. Adorable! I LOVE this whole outfit!!

  8. Love this look. I love that shirt. And the skirt and cardigan compliment it so well! Thanks for sharing!

  9. beautiful as always Jess πŸ™‚ your girls are so lucky to have such beautiful clothes. Imagine by the time Ava is Sadie’s age. I bet she will have a wardrobe that would make any little princess jealous. Good luck for Project Run and Play!

  10. Oh, I really love this! The colors are so bright and cheerful, and what adorable details. The little cutouts on the sleeves are just too precious. Beautiful work.

  11. The combination of colors really makes this outfit stand out! I love it! And I’d take the skirt in my size:)

  12. Voted. You are amazeballs!

  13. Really beautiful!

  14. You are AMAZING. You’ve got my vote!! Love the color combo, and Sadie is such a beauty!

  15. Again, absolutely amazing. Love the piping, the embroidered buttons, the ruffle trim on the skirt. This has got to be exactly what they meant by “Details.” You did a fantastic job of including a bunch of carefully thought out details without over whelming the whole look. I love it!

  16. This outfit is simply awesome – love it all! The embroidered button detail is my favorite part:)

  17. wow, what a beautiful outfit, and your little girl is such a photogenic cutie pie! You’ve got my vote, and please give us some tutes in the future so we can make the same skirt, shirt and refashioned cardi! Please!!!! πŸ™‚

  18. This is seriously adorable! Every last bit of it is perfect! Great job, as always! πŸ™‚

  19. This is so perfect! Every detail is so subtle and so striking at the same time, I definitely want this exact outfit for myself!

  20. Luckiest girl ever!! She looks like she’s having so much fun. πŸ™‚

  21. You have definitely outdone yourself this week! And your little Sadie… What a model!! I have got to admit, she is the biggest reason I read your blog! (For your awesome sewing skills too, of course, but she doesn’t need to know that;)

  22. That pop of white in the cardigan! Stunning! I want one like that. You did it again my friend. I love the layers of detail, the embroidery on the covered button!! So…doing that for a project. There is just so much greatness to look at. And the fence location is simply perfect! πŸ™‚

  23. Without a doubt, my favorite! I love absolutely everything, I voted!

  24. Absolutely adorable outfit that looks wonderful on your beautiful Sadie, but I also secretly wish I had for me to wear!

  25. La niΓ±a es un encanto, siempre estΓ‘ tan guapa, y como estΓ‘ ya de grande, crecen muy deprisa.
    Un beso.

  26. Dying of cuteness overload!! And the outtakes at the end are priceless πŸ™‚

  27. I’ll vote right away since the outfit you sew is perfect in every inch! I love all the details!

  28. so sweet πŸ™‚

  29. cute! cute! cute! love every last bit of this outfit πŸ™‚

  30. It was really tough this week, so many lovely designs… but not only your clothes are gorgeous but the lovely Sadie just makes them sparkle!

  31. Oh my word – this is adorable! Love the sleeve/piping detail…definitely voted for you!

  32. You got my vote this week – just lovely!

  33. Anonymous says

    Everything came together so cute! You got my vote this week!!

  34. When I saw this outfit, my first thought was, “I would totally buy this for my daughter in a second!” (and she would be WAY more stylish than me) I LOVE IT! So great!!

  35. Really beautiful! Love it all!

  36. It’s awesome, Jess! Every last bit. I think my favorite part is that colorblocked white back on the cardigan – the top is so cute too, and I was wondering where that skirt had disappeared to – I LOVE it that you used it here. It’s fantastic!!

  37. Thanks for all yours beautiful ideas

  38. This outfit is fantastic!! I love all the pieces! You got my vote for sure! Beautiful!

  39. You always do an amazing job with the details. I love the little embroidered buttons and the binding pattern on the skirt. And of course your color palette is gorgeous!

  40. I think you win hands-down over the other entries this week! You have my vote!

  41. Any chance you know the designer of the fabric her top is made of or the name of the print? I love the colors and the pattern!

  42. Oh wow, I am so impressed! I love the detail on the sleeves.

  43. I love the entire outfit! I think I want one for myself!!(especially the cardigan!)

  44. This is so sweet. (I voted for you. πŸ™‚ ….. the others were nice too, but a couple were a bit over the top. I think she will actually get a lot of use out of this outfit too!)

    The details, that was a tricky prompt, but I think you nailed it!

    (oh, and I see that you won last week! congrats)

  45. Your daughter looks simply delightful in this adorable outfit!

  46. Ohhh I love this whole outfit! The top is just gorgeous though. All those cute details. I’d be happy to wear this ensemble! πŸ™‚ Goodluck.

  47. Business first—I went over and voted! Yes, for you. You so have this! This is absolutely amazing and stunning and overwhelming to me when I know and can appreciate the work that went into this. I have three girls too, and love to sew, but this is out of this world!

  48. Stop. This outfit looks straight out of a gap ad! Amazing job. PLEASE promise a tutorial for everything:)

  49. Amazing, as always. You do the best flowers! I really love your color selections in this outfit. And, I think the pics of Sadie at the end might be my favorites. Thanks for keeping it real!

  50. Just gorgeous Jess! Love the outfit (I want one in my size please) and the pictures!!!!

  51. Wow – this top is extraordinary. Beautiful top. Love the hair tie too.

  52. I absolutely love this outfit!
    The fabrics, the color combination, the details and the photos, everything is perfect!

  53. Parabens
    Amei o seu look, jΓ‘ votei.
    E a Modelo Γ© linda.
    Beijinhos de Portugal


  54. I think this is my favourite look yet, love the colours and Sadie loosk so grown up!

  55. This is such a lovely, lovely outfit. I love your blog so mcuh!

  56. DEEEEETAILS! wowzer! you did awesome. I have yet to see a few of the others that I don’t follow but I’ll be surprised to see if any beat you on details. Looks awesome! Good luck!

  57. Jess this is so fantastic. I think what makes it really great if you see the whole thing as one and your brain immediately goes “It works!” and then you look closer and see your details and how nicely everything ties together, from color to texture to proportion…it’s all just really nicely done. Nothing stands out as forced. Nailed it! πŸ™‚

  58. I love this outfit! My favorite parts are the notches with piping and binding on the sleeves, and the skirt. I want the skirt for myself… =) Lovely job!

  59. This is lovely! I haven’t visited in so long with little time, and I’m so glad I came back!

    Is there a pattern for this top?

    Sadie is adorbs.

  60. Oh, my! You are three for three here! The entire ensemble from the sweet hair accessories to the pretty red shoes is perfection. I love how you mix colors in your designs. The blouse is utterly charming!

  61. Love love love love love your look! The whole thing is just stunning. I hope a tutorial for the shirt will come along once you’ve recovers from all this amazing sewing. I have a yard of the same fabric just waiting for the perfect use. Looks like you found it!

  62. Such a sweet outfit. Love it!

  63. Jess- You are truly a master… beautiful as usual. Congrats on your win!

  64. Jess – this whole look was just stunning. As always, I am so impressed. You guys are simply awe inspiring.

  65. So amazing! Such a gorgeous color palette!


  66. Gorgeous, cute and just plain old wonderful! Could you tell me the name of the fabric you used for the top? I have 4 girls and at least one of them needs me to make her something with it, right?! Thank you so much!

  67. i love that little cardi. So cute!

  68. This has to be one of the cutest outfits I have ever seen! What a beautiful job!

    Thank-you for sharing your projects on your blog, you are an inspiration to me and make me so excited to tackle sewing projects!

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