KCWC: arrow shorts and ruffle peasant top

Ok! Last outfit, finally! Look for a round up post asap!

 After pinning these shorts a little while ago, I had to make my own version of them…using some Chevrons in Mint from Deerfield Anthology Fabric. Love this fabric. I had to make another pair of the Bubble Pocket shorts, too. Sadie’s in desperate need of shorts so she may get some more, we’ll see. 

I’m pretty sure those pockets have it out for me. I cut them out wrong not once, but twice. CURSE you pockets! Totally my bad, nothing to do with the pattern. So after unpicking (already serged) seams twice…I was ready for them to be done. Finally they were. ahhh.

The tee…I had an idea to do a peasant tee out of ruffle material. So it worked, but not perfectly. I wouldn’t really recommend it..lol! It was tricky to cut out the pieces with the ruffles intact, and I used fold over elastic for the sleeves and neckline, which was also interesting, to say the least. Anyway, I persevered, and though it needs a tank underneath, it’s not bad. 

My two lovely ladies posing together…those girls are the best but they drive me bonkers with their catfights. Girls!


  1. That last picture is priceless!!!

  2. I looove seeing them both together! Dang you were productive this week (as usually).

  3. well you sure can’t tell that you struggled with the pockets 😉
    very nice
    and again, very beautiful girls

  4. ohm, I love it…all

  5. Like I told Stef in her post yesterday–the girls make me smile. Yours crack me up–such personality and those faces! A good start to the day.

  6. I can’t decide what’s more adorable… the shorts or the girls!
    I’ve been seeing these shorts everywhere. I think it’s time I made some before it gets too chilly here in Australia!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, enough wi the shorts…! Now I REALLY have to get that pattern for summer. They are adorable in every way. (Kind of like your girls). 😉

  8. Besides being immensely talented, you have the two cutest model imaginable!! Those smiles are too much!!!!

  9. That ruffle shirt would be awesome over a swimsuit. At least for extra sun coverage.

  10. Seriously amazing outfits all week! How do you get so much done?! You’re an inspiration!

  11. Once again, just adorable! The ruffle shirt looks difficult, but it came out really cute!

  12. Cuter girls I have never seen – what a delight that last picture is!
    Love the shorts – what a great fabric print! And such an awesome pattern too:)

  13. These outfits are so darling!!!! I love the shirt too, super awesome! What fabric did you use for the teal green shorts? Is that a knit? I might need to buy that pattern, those shorts are too cute!

    -Ash P

  14. oh I feel you on the catfights, some days I’m ready to lock the girls in a room together and whoever survives gets to stay! Of course if I did that they would sit on the bed and read nicely together and stare at me quizzically when I came in and had to collect my jaw from the floor. Always the way of it.

  15. I approached pre-ruffled knit with the same naive enthusiasm! It’s a lot harder to work with than I imagined! Haha….the shirt looks great even with your difficulties.

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