Lotta Geranium dress

Well I knew I’d be making another Geranium dress soon, since the last one turned out so cute! I started cutting this one out last week and totally messed up laying out my pieces. (this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to sew after 9 pm…so pathetic) So I ordered another yard because I just HAD to make it work. I mean, hello this fabric is probably among my favorites I’ve sewn with! Ever.

 (It’s Lotta Jansdotter Ball & Leaves in Schooner, from my sponsor Lily Bella Fabrics!)

 I went with some mustard yellow covered buttons-love how that turned out! Although Charlotte tried her best to convince me to use green.

I love love love the front cut out. I can’t rave enough about this pattern! I haven’t even tried the flutter sleeves or different neckline options yet! I cut out a 3T for Sadie…Rae’s finished garment measurements are spot on. I did lengthen the skirt about an inch and a half since my girly seems to be sprouting up!

The Sadester is equally in love with it. She called it “BEautiful” ” Spinny” and “awesome!”

 She also couldn’t find the pockets for awhile. She told me with a sad face,” Sorry Mom….I don’t think you can take a picture of me with my hands in my pockets.” Me: “why not?” Sadie: ” I can’t find them!” I guess they were pretty well hidden in the pleats…lol!

She looks so grown up in these pictures! I can’t believe how much she’s grown lately, too. Get ready for a slew of new dresses for her since she only fits about 3 of them right now! (and we all know that’s not nearly enough)

Sadie styled herself for this last pic. Why do I even try? Obviously she has talent in this department!


  1. This is an adorable dress pattern…and th efabric choice is wonderful! Thanks for sharing all the photos…thanks to the cute little model too!

  2. Not sure what I find more adorable, the girl or the dress.



  3. Oh dear, that is super cute! And you’re right, the yellow buttons add the perfect amount of pop.

  4. This is just beautiful Jess! I love the mustard with it too, it’s really fun! x

  5. Beautiful dress, gorgeous fabric! And she looks so grown up!

  6. Wow – this is so beautiful! You put together a great pattern and stunning fabric and how can you go wrong? Great work, and glad she likes it so much:)

  7. Sadie looks so happy in her “spinny” dress. You did a fantastic job and I love, love, love the front cut out, too. It is such an adorable dress!

  8. fabric…love

    This may be one of my favorite dresses you’ve shared! Wonderful Job! I cant wait to see all the new dresses you’ve got in the works!

  9. Oh bless, she looks adorable, she is so lovely in her dress please do make her more so we can enjoy her lovely modelling.

  10. Wow I think this is my favorite geranium dress yet!! I love the fabric. What size did you sew for Sadie? My daughter is on the line of 5/6 and I haven’t bought the pattern since it only goes to size 5. 🙁

  11. I love that fabric too. I bought the Geranium pattern the moment it went on sale because I love my Washi dresses so much. I’m not into matching with my kids, but I totally want to make my little girl a Geranium dress and wear my Washi dress too. Maybe for a mommy-daughter outing. I gotta do it while she’s too young to be embarrassed (13 mos). Your chubby-cheeked daughters are just so adorable.

  12. the dress is so beautiful jess!!! I love it. Sadie looks incredibly happy with it. and those yellow buttons, killer!!! 🙂

  13. this is so great! love the nustard buttons. I’m curious, did you lengthen the skirt piece? I’ve started cutting the pattern for my 4 y/o…who loves long and twirly too!

  14. She does look grown up! I love this dress. It has two of my favorite things — Rae’s awesome pattern and Lotta Jansdotter fabric!! 🙂

  15. SUPER cute, I love the way the buttons pop on that gorgeous fabric. Also, I simultaneously LOLed and AWWWWed at the last pic–girl’s got style! 🙂

  16. Oooh so pretty! I had already spotted some versions with flutter sleeves which made me want to buy the pattern, but these sleeves are even cuter. The story about the pockets sounds familiar… First thing my daughter asks these days when I present her a new creation is: “Where are the pockets” and next “But WHY are there no pockets?”.

  17. OMG _ that FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pattern is great too, I may have to bookmark it as something that has to get made once baby girl can walk (that time is no longer as far in the distance as it once was!!!)

  18. Nope, 3 dresses are not nearly enough. My girls require at least 7 each – one for every day of the week because they hate wearing pants and I do laundry only once a week.

  19. The fabric is awesome ! And your work is great too ! I loves the Charlotte’s version but this one is so cute too ! And your not-so-little anymore girl is so darn cute !!!
    Have a great day Jess!

  20. beautiful work-it’s all so stunning-pattern, fabric, buttons, model!

  21. Perfect fabric and pockets.

  22. I have a fat quarter bundle of this line to make a quilt but now I need yardage to make this dress! Ranks in my top 2 of the Geranium dresses I have seen!!

  23. Since your first one on Ava, I downloaded the pattern and have made one and a half. Love it!

  24. Great dress!

    And she is clearly a fashion genius. If I am ever nominated for a fancy award, I am calling her to be my red carpet stylist.dsrint

  25. Gorgeous dress! I love the mustard buttons. You did a great job

  26. Oh, I love the geranium dress! Sadie looks so cute pointing her toe in the first photo. xx

  27. Such a cool dress, and no pink! I think she’s been checking out your “looking off into the distance” poses from WIWW. I definitely see a similarity!

  28. I adore this dress, the fabric, the girl! Sadie’s a doll. 🙂

  29. Love this!!! What a great fabric choice for this pattern!

  30. That fabric is FANTASTIC, and the dress turned out super cute. My 4 year old has gotten so much taller that half of her dresses are now more like shirts! I may try this pattern out.

  31. I love this fabric, the pattern and the cute accent buttons! amazing as ever!

  32. I just love the fabric, the pattern and the cute accent buttons! Amazing as always!

  33. That dress is beautiful! I love the yellow buttons. =)

  34. LOOVE the fabric and the pattern – so I’m not surprised this dress came out so fantastic!! And your little model is rocking it as usual!

  35. Love!! I’m a big fan of sweet and simple dresses 🙂

  36. haha, that last picture is great! Cute dress!

  37. So cute! I love it!

  38. Cute!

  39. been meaning to comment on this forever – wonder if Em would go for it, I mean it IS flowers…really the most PERFECT fabric for this dress! Sadie is the cutest too of course. 🙂

  40. Gorgeous dress and fabric. Love those yellow buttons! x

  41. I love this version so much!! Esp those buttons on the back!


  42. antonio Inoki says

    beautiful dress,,,,, How I can get the pdf pattern?? thank you.


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