a few more tops….

 Yep, I’m not quite done with the Great Top-Sewing Marathon of 2013. (say that in a loud announcer voice in your head…ok fine don’t. But it’s not as impressive a title if you don’t) I really just kind of got into a sewing frenzy and started grabbing all the knits off my shelves and started cutting…not the best way to do it, probably. But it was pretty effective. 

 This first one is just your basic tee, with slight gathers on the top of the 3/4 sleeves. I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby almost 2 years ago so I’m not sure if they’d have it anymore, I haven’t checked ours locally yet. Isn’t it awesome? So bright and cheerful. This was Sadie’s favorite! I just happened to have some ribbed knit that matched it perfectly, and just enough to make another for Miss C. So look for that one soon. 🙂

Oh my gosh, this girl is so sassy sometimes! We are in TROUBLE when the girls are teenagers, let me tell you.

This one is another raglan tee with a soft floral from Girl Charlee and white ribbed cotton from Joanns. I didn’t bother hemming the bottom since it curled nicely, and using my serger tip keeps the ends from unraveling. 

And yes…..there’s more tees in the queue. I wasn’t kidding.


  1. She is so cute…:)

  2. Lovely tops – as ever! It’s some time since I caught one of your posts, and my how the models have grown! Good luck for when the make it to their teens!

    Good to be in touch again. Isobel: http://www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com

  3. Both are so cute! I love that polkadot fabric!!

  4. I got a roll of that polka dot knit in the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby the other day! Love seeing it in a shirt. I will be linking up to your Raglan Tee tutorial later this week. It was so helpful! Thank you!!

  5. These fabrics are adorable! I love these 3/4 sleeve tees. Can’t wait to see the next ones you make!!

  6. Lovely tops!

  7. I made my niece some jammies in that polka dot fabric! I have a small scrap of it left, waiting for a good cause.

  8. I love the polkadot! And your girl is so cute!

  9. Janey just walked over and immediately said “ooh, I like her outfit!” to the polkadot shirt… and then couldn’t decide which one she liked better when she saw the other one. “They’re both so cute!” I agree. 🙂

  10. Cute! I love those floral knits you are using. =) Looking forward to seeing the rest of the tops you come up with! =)

  11. Adorable! I have this fabric in my stash too. 🙂 I was also wondering what kind of ribbing you use? The kinds I have are too big in the neck, I’ve tried cutting the ribbing down by a couple inches but it still looks wonky. 🙁 any suggestions?

  12. I think I have that fabric for the shirt and skirt I want to make my daughter! I also think I saw it last week when I was at HL. If it’s not exactly the same then it’s just smaller circles. Your daughter is adorable!!!

  13. @Jessica-I use the ribbed knit from Joanns and cut it usually about 1.5″ wide for the neck, then fold it in half and iron before sewing it in.

  14. Awesome tops! Love them both but the top one is my favourite 🙂

  15. These are adorable! I may have to try one of these for my boy and girl! Would little pockets be hard to add on each side for the girls shirt?

  16. Sadie is such an adorable little girl. You did a fantastic job. I was the same. I loved sewing clothes for my children. Especially when they loved it.

  17. Beautiful shirts! I just love all of your ideas! I’ve followed a few of your tutorials…easy and amazing results. Thank you! And I appreciate your sewing frenzies…they benefit ME…haha!

  18. Please tell me your secret on how you get your gorgeous kids to be so compliant in modeling sessions!!

  19. These tops are so cute! An the fabric is adorable!

  20. These tops are so cute! An the fabric is adorable!

  21. These t-shirts are adorable! You have inspired me to try making my first piece of clothing – yikes! Question though (and it maybe a stupid one), where do you get the fabric for the cuffs? Is it called “ribbed knit”? I can’t find in online anywhere!

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