I Sew Lucky handmade doll review

 Guys, I love handmade stuff. That’s no secret, right? Especially when I don’t have to make it myself! And when it’s well-made and beautiful…well that’s just the bestest. (it’s a word)

So I was ecstatic when I was lucky (pun intended) to receive this gorgeous handmade dolly from April at I Sew Lucky!

I picked it out with baby Ava in mind as the recipient…after all every girl needs her own handmade doll, and Sadie and Charlotte already have their own. They both tried very hard to nab this one for their handmade softie stashes, but mama bear protected it for little Ava. (aka stuck it on top of the dresser behind some stuff so they couldn’t see it and then forgot about it)

Anyways. Back to what I was saying about it being well made-it’s just lovely! Perfect sewing, and I loved the cute hairline and those little buns! Eek so cute. She hand paints all the faces on her dolls too. Which is perfect also. (good because I am pretty sure I would wreck one if I tried to paint their face on. Either that or they’d always look surprised or puzzled or something) It’s my favorite feature of the doll-those cutie pie little lips and eyelashes! Loved her fabric choices too.

Do you have a little gal in need of a handmade dolly? Then you’re in luck!

Use the code BLOG15 to receive 15% off your purchase from I Sew Lucky! She also makes the cutest owls and foxes! Plus lots of other dollies-with lots of hair and skin colors!

I love pink and green together! the little heart is adorable.
A fox. That is a bookend also. Brilliant! And adorable.
 I love this gal’s hair! And so trendy with the orange and navy blue!


  1. Too cute– and you can tell from the pictures that her sewing is just perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So cute! So sweet! You gals are so gifted in sewing. I can sew too, but not as good as these. Love to see all the sewn project pics on your blog.

  3. “aka stuck it on top of the dresser behind some stuff so they couldn’t see it and then forgot about it”

    HAHA! Story of my life! You should see the top of our refrigerator… That is where my husband sticks things he doesn’t want the kids to get into.

  4. The plush owl is so adorable! I just want to give it a hug!

  5. Oh my goodness- so cute. Piper would LOVE these. Trying to figure out if I can still add this to my “before Christmas” list. 🙂

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