blue polka dot ice cream shirt

Ok, how’s about that little look Miss C is giving me? LOL! It’s like she’s telling me with her eyes to hurry it up and finish so she can play with her new Squinkie. (our new form of model payment around here) Either that or she’s plotting to break into my chocolate stash…which is NOT ok. Mama needs her chocolate.

Then 2 seconds later she threw herself dramatically on the ground (a recent thing she discovered is “fun”??) and gave me this pouty face. I just had to laugh. A lot. Which made her say, “NO! Not funny! I MAD!”

She says this phrase at least 45 times a day….it’s quite hilarious for the first 5.

ANYWAYS. I had this blue fabric all cut out for an ice cream dress but didn’t have the right white fabric to match the dots, so it got made into a shirt! I quite like the simplicity of the blue and white dots, and just had to add some piping in the seams! I wish it was smaller piping, but that’s what I had on hand. Again, I made a 2T and while it’s a tad large on her, it’s so cute that I’m glad she can wear it for awhile! It’s not my best work on the back-the piping was tricky to insert smoothly in that seam, and I still don’t know if I’m doing that part right, but it’s wearable!

The fabric is Dot in Blue – Stitch Studio Designs by Cyndi Walker – Marguerite, from my sponsor, Lily Bella Fabrics!

Oh and I made her headband flower using this tutorial. 🙂 

I just love how these look on the hanger! Such gorgeous lines! Work it, shirt…you’re hot stuff!


  1. So so cute! Check out my latest creation?

  2. Oh my GOSH how cute is she?! I love the shirt. I bet you have the best dressed kids in town ;-).

  3. Those faces are hilarious! Man, she is cute! And Such a cute shirt that you made…of course, I especially love the added piping! 🙂

  4. That little girl is the cutest thing ever! Hey, can you do a tutorial on her headband with flower or any of the hair things you make, they are so cute!

  5. Your daughter has the best expressions – what a cutie! And your O & S shirt is just adorable! So fresh looking in those polka dots:)

  6. your stuff is so amazing, and your girls are the most darling

  7. Just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Gah, she is getting cuter every day!

  8. I love the two year old reasoning! 🙂 Love the piping and the pictures. 🙂

  9. Oh, that lil’ doll face! I would just buy anything with that face on it 🙂

  10. Seriously, every time I hop on here I think, “that is the cutest thing ever.” The doll carriers, those polka dots with those pretty blue eyes! Now I just need some little girls to sew for! Yours are too good at the cuteness!

  11. She is SO cute! And don’t kids say the greatest things? =)
    I love that polka-dot fabric, and the white piping.

  12. Those facial expressions are too funny! She looks adorable in this top too. I’ve always liked the clean lines of the ice cream dress but have never made one (yet).

  13. HAHA TOO funny. Love it. She’s just adorable. You did a great job on the shirt too. I love that pattern

  14. I love all your projects, but I have to say Miss C is the cutest thing EVER. Oh, my goodness.

  15. Darling shirt and darling girl—those cheeks are just too much!
    ps—I hope you are enjoying the baby…newborns are just so wonderful.

  16. Darling shirt and darling girl—those cheeks are just too much!
    ps—I hope you are enjoying the baby…newborns are just so wonderful.

  17. Darling shirt and darling girl—those cheeks are just too much!
    ps—I hope you are enjoying the baby…newborns are just so wonderful.

  18. Could she be more cute!? The color of the dress it perfect for her. So jealous of her hair color btw!

  19. wonderful little top…. simple and elegant at the same time.

  20. This child is so cute that no matter she’s wearing, it’s still beautiful and lovely on her 🙂

  21. That is so cute and she is so cute and how funny. And I won’t even say anything about her cheeks, but I think this age is just so hilarious… Olivia likes to firmly tell me things, like not to hit the baby. Yes ma’am. So serious! 🙂

  22. She’s adorable! I love how the Ice Cream top looks in the polka dots.:)

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  24. That is one seriously cute kid. And I should know, since my kid is the cutest thing ever. This one, she’s pretty darn cute too!

  25. what a cute top! She is getting such long hair! Glad to see the cheeks are still plump!

  26. She is the Ca-utest! Adorable shirt Jess.

  27. this is SO darn adorable! and so is she 🙂

  28. Well I’ve been meaning to comment on this for a few days – it’s SO cute! Charlotte is cracking me up with her modeling lately. Oh those 2 year olds – such big personalities! 😉

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