ScenTrend 2012 Mixing Challenge and giveaway

****This giveaway is now closed. See the winner below!****

The nice folks over at Scentsy sent me this adorable red warmer and their newest, trendiest fragrance of 2012-Pink Pepper. They challenged me to mix it with other fragrances to find a fun new scent!

It took a lot of thought and sniffing by all of us (including Rory!) but we settled on Pink Pepper mixed with Paradise Punch…just the right amount of tropical sweet and tangy pepper.

Some names for this scent I came up with….

1. Pepper in Paradise

2. Pink Punch

3. Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Paradise Punch Peppers.

Ok, so not that last one…..

What name do you like best?

Let me know in a comment on this post and you will be entered to win your own warmer and the scent combo we created! It’s as easy as that! I’ll pick a winner next Friday the 9th!

The winner is….Rhonda!


  1. I like the best this one: Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Paradise Punch Peppers.

    Thank you for the chance 🙂

  2. Pink Punch!

  3. Pepper in paradise… That’s my favorite.
    Mvh Rikke

  4. I like pepper in paradise too 🙂 or how about pink paradise? Or peppered paradise? I love scents!!!

  5. I like pink punch!

  6. Peppered Paradise is my favorite.

  7. Pepper Paradise – sounds like a great fragrance!!!!

  8. I like pepper in paradise and LOVE that warmer!

  9. I like pepper in paradise and LOVE that warmer!

  10. I like pepper in paradise and LOVE that warmer!

  11. I like pink punch the best

  12. Pepper in paradise!

  13. Pink Punch is my favorite! Thanks for a chance to win!

  14. Oh that warmer is so pretty! I like Pink Punch the best… thanks for the chance!

  15. I like Pepper in Paradise. Thanks for the giveaway I have always wanted to try a warmer, plus this one is so classy/modern, love it. [email protected]

  16. Pink Punch!

    Thats such a pretty name

  17. Pepper in paradise is my favourite

  18. Pepper in Paradise! Now I have that Jimmy Buffett song in my head… and I’m thinking about cheeseburgers!

  19. pepper in paradise is a good name!
    it coveys the idea of the scent and is playful, which will be two key factors in ifluencing buyers to choose the new scent.

  20. Pepper in Paradise! Yes! Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  21. pepper in paradise! sounds like a title for a book….

  22. I vote for Pink Punch!

  23. Pepper in Paradise! Makes me think of the Caribbean. 🙂

  24. Pepper in Paradise! Love your blog!

  25. I like the name Pepper in Paradise best! Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I like Pepper in Paradise.. and that warmer! The color is great!

  27. I never thought of mixing scents, great idea! I like Pepper in Paradise.

  28. I liked the last one the best, even though you were joking! You could shorten it to Peter Piper Pepper Paradise. I would LOVE to win that red warmer!

  29. Pink Punch is great, although the last one is pretty good too!

  30. I like Pepper in Paradise!

  31. Peppered paradise!

  32. Pink Punch. It sounds like something I want to drink and smell 🙂
    Bethany @ sweetbeebuzzingsATgmailDOTcom

  33. Love pink pepper, [email protected]

  34. Pepper in paradise.

  35. I bet Pepper in Paradise describes the spicy fruity smell well.

  36. Pepper in Paradise sounds really exotic.

  37. Pepper in Paradise. It’s got the best ring to it, though I really like your tongue twister! 😀

  38. I love the name Pepper in Paradise!

  39. I like pepper in paradise, the other sounds too sweet. It has never once occurred to me to mix scents.

  40. Ooo, I really like Pepper in Paradise!! How fun!

  41. I love Pink Punch! 🙂

  42. Cute! Pepper in Paradise is my fave! I love scentsy! I hope I win!! 🙂 Love ya!

  43. Pepper in Paradise!

  44. Pepper in Paradise is my fav… It sounds like somewhere I’d like to be!
    [email protected]

  45. Pepper in Paradise would be my choice, but it sure is fun to chant the last one!

    Heather Y

    heathery83 [at] gmail [dot] com

  46. I think Pink Punch is adorable!

    staceywalk @ gmail . com

  47. definitely pink punch! (I also like sweet pepper, for what it’s worth!)


  48. Pepper in Paradise is an adorable name!

  49. pink punch! cute, short and powerfull, and girly 🙂 pepper in paradise sounds verry winter like. HHHmmmm what to choose ….

  50. I like number 3!!!!

    but if i have to choose …2!

  51. Cute giveaway! I like Pepper in Paradise : )

  52. Pepper in Paradise!

  53. pink punch all the way.

    fashionguru73 at yahoo dot com

  54. Hmm, how about Pink Pepper? I like Pepper in Paradise too. I Luuuuuv Scentsy, I have two and want another since our new house has three stories. Each story needs one, right? 😀
    elif @ bellsouth . net

  55. I like “Pepper in Paradise”. Thanks for a great. Giveaway.

  56. Pepper in Paradise 🙂

  57. Pepper in Paradise 🙂

  58. pink punch!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  59. Number one for sure- so cute!!

  60. Pepper in Paradise is perfect!

  61. Pepper in Paradise. You even have a creative nose?!?

  62. I don’t like pepper, so my choice would be “Pink Punch”…thank you for your generosity.

    Renee A

  63. Pepper in Paradise is Perfect!

  64. pimienta en el paraiso me gusta, no sabía lo de mezclar aromas, que chulo!!!! lo voy a probar jejeje gacias

  65. Pepper in Paradise! Wahoo! Rhonda S. @ [email protected]

  66. I like Pepper in Paradise the best! [email protected]

  67. Pink Peppered Punch. Have a great weekend!

  68. How fun! And that warmer is adorable! I don’t own any Scentsy, but I have friends who do and their houses always smell amazing! I like the Pepper in Paradise myself. I can just see it out on the beach getting a little sun. Maybe that is why it is pink?

  69. Pepper in Paradise is my favorite 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!!

  70. My first choice would be Peter Piper, but my second would be Pepper in Paradise 🙂


    Heather E
    [email protected]

  71. Me encanta el que se ve en la entrada!!!

  72. Pepper in Paradise!

  73. I love the sound of Pepper in Paradise! I would love to win a warmer, and your unique scent creation:)

  74. i love Pink Punch!

  75. Pepper in Paradise. Thanks for the chance to win!


  76. Pepper in Paradise! I like Pink Punch, but it makes me think of a fruity pink drink.

    Rae thrivingthrifter at gmail dot com.

  77. Pepper in Paradise! Thanks for the chance to win. amandabieghler at gmail dot com.

  78. I like Pepper in Paradise, that’s so cute!


  79. Pepper in paradise!

  80. Pepper in Paradise!

  81. I like the third option. But it’s kinda a mouth full, so Pink Punch.

  82. I like the third option. But it’s kinda a mouth full, so Pink Punch.

  83. I like the third option. But it’s kinda a mouth full, so Pink Punch.

  84. Pepper in Paradise, Love it!

  85. I like Pepper in Paradise. It sounds very vacation-y. Which is awesome.

  86. I like Pepper in paradise. I love Peter Piper- but I could see marketing shutting that idea down cause it won’t fit on the label. :).

  87. pepper in paradise – interesting combination

  88. Mmm…I’m curious what that smells like. 🙂 How about Pepper Punch, or Pink Pepper Punch. Thanks for the chance.

  89. I think I would choose Pink Punch. It’s pretty (pink), but carries a Punch! (the pepper part). Perfect! (that’s a lot of “p”‘s.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. Gosh all the names are so good! I vote for Pepper in Paradise!

  91. Pink Punch!

    [email protected]

  92. Pepper in Paradise! I love Scentsy. Great stuff! [email protected]

  93. Pepper in paradise

  94. #1 is cute… hmmm should it be Pepper Punch (like a boxing term?) lol…
    Scentsy has so many great scents… it’s hard not to buy all of them and just play all day! Have you ever given one of their parties? You have to use coffee beans to “cleanse” your palate in between scents.

  95. Oops, I forgot to add my email!
    [email protected]
    Jean C.

  96. Pink Punch!

  97. Sounds like you had fun with all those scents. Would love to win a warmer of my own – so I’m thinking the best name is “pink punch”…

  98. I like Pepper in Paradise.

  99. I think I like “Pepper in Paradise” best! That warmer is ADORABLE! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  100. Pink Punch is a winner!

  101. Oops, anonymous probably wasn’t tge best choice…I say Pink Punch!

  102. Pink puncj

  103. Pepper in paradise is a good name.

  104. i like Pepper in Paradise 😀

    [email protected]

  105. I like Pink Punch…..would love to win it…ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  106. I like the first name 🙂 Very clever!! And I LOVE scentsy!!

  107. I love the first name, Pepper in Paradise!!!
    [email protected]

  108. I like Pepper in Paradise! Sounds like a Jimmy Buffet song 😉

  109. When I hear “pepper in paradise”. I of course think of the song “cheeseburger in paradise”. But it is missing something. How about ” pink pepper in paradise”. La la la. Just a suggestion. [email protected]

  110. pepperin paradise~Jamie Neff

  111. I like pink punch or maybe punch of pink?

  112. pepper in paradise. sounds yummy.

  113. I like the first one . . . Pepper in Paradise

  114. I like Pepper in Paradise best 🙂

  115. I like Pepper in Paradise!

  116. I like pink punch 🙂

  117. I like pink punch.

  118. Pepper in Paradise?! Sounds interesting, Id love to smell it!

  119. I liked number 3 the best but they would probably choose number one. Sounds like it smells awesome. When will we get smellovision so we can smell too?

  120. Pink Punch.
    [email protected]

  121. Pepper in paradise for sure!

  122. Pepper in Paradise is clever!

  123. Pepper in Paradise to be sure!! I can hear the ocean waves calling to the pink pickled pepper!! Put that pep in a parasail!!

  124. Pepper in paradise. But you definitely had me laughing with the 3rd one! 🙂 clever!

  125. I like Pepper in Paradise! Thanks!

    [email protected]

  126. I liked Pink Punch the best. Maybe Pink Pepper Punch 🙂 Sounds fun, picking a sent name!

  127. Pepper in Paradise–both are smells I love, so now I’m trying to figure out what they would smell like together…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    shedot1 at gmail dot com-

  128. I like Pink Punch! Sounds like a great scent!

    flutterby2188 at yahoo dot com

  129. Pepper in Paradise…it sounds both exotic and curious! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


    rachelcornish at hotmail dot com

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