Disneyland, attempted robbery, and a teensy bit of sewing.

We spent half of last week in Disneyland! woot! We love that place, too much sometimes….we had an awesome family reunion with my family and I think everyone had a blast! Even I did, hauling around my 33 week belly in 90+ degree weather and 100 million percent humidity. (or so it seemed)

The girls of course loved their favorite rides…Small World, the Teacups, Dumbo, the carousels…Bug’s Land…ok that’s about it. Still we had fun doing those every. single. day.

I think Sadie had the most fun loving on her two cousins-she wouldn’t stop kissing or hugging them or holding their hands. She is so excited for the new baby to come!

Sweet girl cuddling with her new doll on the way home.

 So….to switch gears, and tones….

The day after we got back, (Monday) someone (we think a couple of teenage punks) tried to rob our home that morning while we were gone grocery shopping….we actually interrupted them when I tried to get back in the house (they had closed the top latch from the inside) and they ran off through the back over the fence. I shoved the girls back in the car and we drove down the street to call the cops, who came quickly and were so calm and helpful. Luckily they didn’t hurt us or get away with much, although they had our bags packed with my jewelry, our tablet, and Rory’s gaming stuff. (jokes on them-most of my jewelry is from Forever 21! bwahaha) They completely trashed our master bedroom which was the most disturbing part. A stranger going through your personal belongings has got to be one of the creepiest feelings ever.

Since then we’ve beefed up locks around the house, are researching alarm systems, etc…and generally freaking out whenever I get back home from somewhere. (flashbacks anyone?) We were definitely protected and looked out for, and I’m so grateful that things turned out the way they did, though I would never have thought this would happen to us! Belief that the world is mostly good: shaken. We are SO grateful they didn’t come one day earlier.

So you can guess that I haven’t quite felt like myself this week! Not very crafty or creative, though I’m helping with a fun robot baby shower tomorrow! Will show you more of that next week! I also started cutting out a Junebug dress for the Sadester-she needs dresses! (ok, she needs dresses that she actually WANTS to wear…her and I don’t always agree on fabric choices these days! lol….*cough* diva *cough*)
Plus the girls have had a cold this week! Sheesh…I am SO ready for this week to be over. Sayonara, suckiest week ever. (in a few days….)


  1. UGH! Oh my gosh I can’t stop thinking about you guys! In fact, I freak myself out thinking about it! I layed awake this morning trying to go back to sleep but I just couldn’t because I couldn’t stop thinking about someone in our home, just like what happened to you guys!! AH! That is just SO terrifying and I am SO sorry that it happened! So glad that they didn’t come while you were in Disneyland though! What little PUNKS!!! I hope they get caught!!! We miss you guys and DLand so much! Although it is nice to be back home and back in to the normal swing of things. Evelyn got sick after the trip too! Weird! Hopefully next week a MUCH better for you and you can start to feel safe in your own home again, soon!! Love you guys!!

  2. How scary! Glad you’re all okay and they got F21 jewelry. HA.

    Disneyland sounds super fun even though it was uncharacteristically hot. Maybe the crowds were less?

    Love the fabric choice.

  3. Well I’m glad you got some Disney in to balance out all of the drama. Sick kids aren’t fun, and heaven knows I’d be a wreck if I caught someone breaking into my house. Scary. I hope that the rest of the week goes better. Love the fabric for the dress.

  4. Holy cow, I couldn’t imagine how scary that would have been for you especially with the kids with you. Glad they didn’t get away with anything.
    Disneyland is always awesome, it looked like the girls had a ton of fun!

  5. 3 letters for you: ADT From what I’ve read, it’s the oldest security company around: 137 years old. I have a relative who recently got a system and they’re reasonably priced, and a good system.

    So so so sorry for what you went through so glad you and the girls are safe.

  6. Time to get a barky dog!

  7. Ack, that must be so scary! I hope they get caught!
    I LOVE Charlotte’s adorable little pigtails peeking out from under the mouse ears… so cute!

  8. I’m so sorry. We were robbed when I was a teenager and it’s a terrible feeling. I hope you all get back to normal soon :(.

  9. ugh jess i’m so sorry, really it’s super sucky. i never grew up having an alarm system, but my husband did so we have one now. honestly it’s a pretty nice little reassurance, especially when you’re out of town. thank goodness they didn’t get anything major! take care.

  10. Oh Jess, that’s horrible! (The robbery, not Disneyland…that’s awesome!) I once had a girl try to steal my phone at the train station. I was freaked out for years every time I got a train!

  11. Oh my….that is crazy! I would have been freaking out too!!!

    So glad everything is okay.

  12. Oh my….that is crazy! I would have been freaking out too!!!

    So glad everything is okay.

  13. Oh my….that is crazy! I would have been freaking out too!!!

    So glad everything is okay.

  14. I’m so sorry to hear of the break in. We were robbed (by punk kids as well) last summer. You tell yourself that it’s “just stuff”, but the real damage is the blow to your sense of personal safety. My daughter still worries about people breaking in again. I hope your daughters are handling it okay.
    I’m glad you managed to ‘safely interrupt’ their thievery. I hope you get your creativity mojo back soon!

  15. Disneyland looked like a blast. So sorry about your break in. Disturbing to say the least. I love hearing my alarm go beep beep when I arrive home. Piece of mind. I set it when we sleep too. It kept the teens from escaping! 😉

  16. Oh my goodness! So glad that you are all okay. Thank you for posting this. Like you said, I never think this kind of thing will happen to me. And it is good for me to think about what I would do in that kind of a situation. You did the right thing!! I pray that things get back to normal for you soon and you can feel comfortable again.

  17. Very frightening! Glad you are all OK. My 4 year old won’t wear half the things I buy/make her either! Frustrating!!!

  18. We were robbed years ago and they got our computer. I had not backed things up and we lost several years worth of digital photos. About 3 years of my daughter’s childhood and not a single photo. Besides loosing my grandmother’s wedding ring that was the hardest thing. So remember everyone BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER FILES!!!

  19. So scary. So glad everything turned out okay. Celebrate the week being over for sure!

    PS…don’t you love when your kids stop letting you call all the clothing shots…ugh it kills me!

  20. Disneyland looks like so much fun. I want to go now, lol.

    Hope the girls feel better soon,

    I’m a new follower and would love if you popped by sometime,

    Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

  21. Sorry to hear about the attempted robbery- such a scary feeling- I know too well. Hugs to you and keep sewing! xLorraine

  22. Glad you had fun at the House of Mouse, but the break-in, sooooo very scary! I’m glad you are all safe, that is what is most important. Be safe. <3

  23. Oh boy. So glad nothing was stolen, but the experience is awful. We aren’t too far from you (well an hour so that’s super far for non-Californians!), and a lot of friends of ours have had brazen daytime break-ins by slightly more than teenage punks lately. One friend lost his grandfathers watch. Worthless by money standards but the value for him was priceless. Our friend went to some pawn shops in the area the following week and found it! They arrested the thief because he was on camera. Not that the story makes you rest easier but thought I’d throw it out there. BTW… those cheeks get me every time. The girls are both adorable times twelve.

  24. I’m so sorry that happened! Our neighbors were robbed this spring and it made me a nervous wreck, I can’t imagine how it felt to have it happen in your own home and then to catch them with your kids right behind you! Glad to hear you are all safe and enjoyed your disney trip!

  25. Jess, that’s terrible but I promise you the world is mostly good they just try to scare us into submission.

  26. That’s so awful. I hope you’ve managed to find some security you’re happy with by now.

  27. So glad you loved Disney. Your daughters are gorgeous!!

    My sister was robbed while she was at a NEW dentist in AZ. She thought the whole time this dentist was weird and he delayed her leaving the office by a long long time. When she got home she was robbed! She told the police but they brushed it off. She was creeped out for a long time. So sorry this happened to you and the police will catch them if they are just teens like u thought. They will brag or do it again to someone.


  28. small world, my family took a trip to DL during the same time. funny thing, we met a couple who said that they had all of their children and grandchildren with them. i wonder if they were your parents.

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