Vintage May guest: No Big Dill

  Today’s Vintage May guest is the fabulous Katy from No Big Dill! She is an uber-talented super mom who takes gorgeous pictures of her 6 equally gorgeous kids. Not to mention sews up lovely things for them to wear on a regular basis! Such as their super cute swimsuits this year (5 of them!), this adorable ruffled dress,  this petal sleeve dress,  this awesome bias skirt, and I have been hoarding lace to make a skirt just like this one. (maybe for after I have this baby though) It’s no wonder she won the first season of Project Run & Play, eh? She’s also the mastermind behind the Once Upon a Thread series, (yours truly is participating this year, can’t wait!) I always look forward to this series…Now here’s Katy with her vintage project!

Hello, CINO readers!  I’m Katy from no big dill, but I think it’s a very big deal to be here today!  The first thing that popped into my head when Jess invited me to join Vintage May was hats.  I think they’re a highly under-utilized accessory this day in age.  I wanted an easy hat-like accessory, but that could be worn with a high bun. I named it after the Great Greta Grabo, who wore some pretty fantastic head pieces in her time.  You don’t need any millenary skills or tools, just things you probably have on hand.

I started with some 3mm thick wool felt.  This can be pretty pricey (I lucked out when I went to visit my parents in Korea and found some inexpensively) but this will work with regular wool felt, just double your layers if you want it thicker.  Trace 2 circles: 4 1/2″ and 3″.

If you’re using the 3mm felt, bevel the edges on one side by trimming the edge at an angle around both circles.

You can really embellish these any way you want.  I used some seed beads, but you can use sequins, hand embroidery, or some fun vintage buttons.  I added 2-4 beads at a time to create a mounded look.

Embellish the right side of the small circle and the edges of the wrong side of the large circle, as you’ll be folding that one.

Cut a piece of tulle, about 11″ x 6″ and trim two corners.  I like the look of the larger holed netting, but use what you have on hand.

Add sequins by glueing, alternating each row.  I used gel super glue and to make sure they stay put, I added a dab of beading glue on the back as well (just make sure you don’t glue it to the paper!).

Gather the straight edge, just by hand, pinning in place along the back of the small circle.  Bring the two sides in a bit further than the middle.  This will create a more spherical shape rather than flat.  Stitch in place, without letting your stitches show through on the right side.

Optional: If you’d like, use artificial flower stamens (just google it for sources) to sew in the center.
Fold the edges in like a burrito, but at an angle and stitch in place.
 Add a clip on the back with a small circle of felt.
That’s it. You have a unique, vintage-like accessory.

Thanks for having me, Jess, it’s been fun to get into the vintage vibe with this series!

Thanks Katy! I love the seed beads especially!

Hop over to Skirt as Top to see what Gail from Probably Actually has made! 


  1. Wow!! I love it!! I’m thinking of doing one of these hats for my sister’s wedding… Thanks for your crafts!

  2. Absolutely love this fascinator, the use of the seed beeds is perfect, completely unique. Would make a sweet gift as well.

  3. Adorable! What an awesome way to dress up a bun! Now I need to see what I have on hand and make me one too!! Thanks for the simple tutorial.

  4. Really pretty!

  5. Katy! You come up with some of the loveliest projects.

  6. beautiful little fascinator, katy! i’ll be pinning this for a possible flower girl accessory for my daughter this fall… 😀

  7. You guys are so smart! I didn’t even know there was the term ‘fascinator’! Huh. You learn something new every day 🙂

  8. You guys are so smart! I didn’t even know there was the term ‘fascinator’! Huh. You learn something new every day 🙂

  9. You guys are so smart! I didn’t even know there was the term ‘fascinator’! Huh. You learn something new every day 🙂

  10. You guys are so smart! I didn’t even know there was the term ‘fascinator’! Huh. You learn something new every day 🙂

  11. this is cool… love the name,too, as my 2 month old is named Greta! 🙂

  12. looks good enough to eat!

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