Vintage May countdown

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It’s no secret: the sewing world loves vintage sheets. Right?

As I am one of the sewing world (and maybe the underworld…sewing fight club anyone? Who can unpick a seam the fastest or somethin?), my heart jumps a bit whenever I see a gorgeous vintage sheet while thrifting. Then my body follows and snags it before someone else can! I know some of you might not want to wear sheets, but trust me I wash them a BUNCH in hot water, so they’re pretty darn clean by the time I sew with them. The thing I love most about them is you get SO much yardage for cheap! (usually) Once I bought a sheet with some paint splatters on it that I didn’t see before I bought. (sad day! Who would use such a pretty sheet as a drop cloth? a crazy person, that’s who) Anyways, I ended up using it as scrap fabric, mostly to try out sizing on a new pattern before cutting it out of “real” fabric. So there’s a few tips for ya if you’ve never thought about using vintage sheets!

 Here are some of my projects I’ve used vintage sheets as material!


Sheets are fabulous for quilts too since they’re super soft already.

I loove vintage patterns too! Make sure to check out Kristin’s blog today…she has a fab round up of great modern patterns with a vintage vibe!


 I definitely need to use my vintage pattern collection more! (read: hopefully will have finished something later in the week for you to see!)

I’m sure if you take a quick look around blog land you would find TONS more inspiration for using those vintage sheets in your projects!

Check out Kristin’s post here! 

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  1. Can’t wait for everything in store for Vintage May – thanks for sharing!

  2. I love vintage fabric too! My mum passed on a bridesmaid dress that I wore when I was 8 – I am thinking the fabric is just about back in fashion again!

  3. First rule of sewing fight club: don’t talk about sewing fight club.

  4. love sewing with vintage sheets! I just made my little girl’s first birthday frock using a bit of vintage. looking forward to this vintage month 😉

  5. second rule of sewing fight club: DON’T TALK ABOUT SEWING FIGHT CLUB!!!!

  6. That sounds exciting! I actually JUST purchased a vintage sheet from the thrift store…absolutely NOTHING wrong with it! It’s so pretty, but I’m not sure what I’ll be making with it yet…

  7. Am I missing something? Is Vintage May a sew along? I’d love to join if it is. I need to make my daughter some summer nightgowns with some vintage sheets I’ve been collecting.

  8. I’m asking the same as Jenny. Is May Vintage just here or in the crafty blogosphere?

  9. I just changed out of my vintage sheet swim-suit cover-up! I rarely find good ones, though…

  10. I love that maxi dress!

  11. 🙁 lots of vintage sheets in my dad’s rag/drop cloth pile in the woodshop. they had the exact ons you used in the sundress, too! i wonder if there are any left worth saving…

  12. I Share your love of sheets… curtains and table clothes are also good vintage fabric options… and if you can find somthing embroidered I consider that a double bonus!

  13. I love vintage sheets. I have 2 waiting to be made into some sweet summer dresses for my almost 5 year old. I picked them up at salvation army on the first Friday of a month back in summer of 2011. (I must have gotten there before you that day!)

  14. Adorable little dresses! esp the last pic with the peach trim on the flower dress.

    Never thought about using sheets as “templates” for trial runs before the “real” material. Great tip!


  15. Anonymous says

    I love vintage! Love the ruffle wrap dress. 😉

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