the Peaches and Cream dress tutorial

Ok. The lamest blogger award goes to…..ME. I asked for your help naming this dress over on facebook awhile ago…(like, I’m embarrassed to check how long)…and I’m just now posting it. Other things got in the way, not to mention some procrastination on writing the tutorial, so anyways. Enough excuses…here it is! The Peaches and Cream dress!
(some other suggestions! I loved them!)

Here’s how I made it!

You’ll need:
2 fabric if you want contrast
peaches-1 yard (more depending on your child’s size)
cream-1/2-1 yard
matching invisible zipper
freezer paper

First I traced a tee folded in half to get a basic bodice pattern.  Then I drew a line across, slightly above the bottom of the armhole.

I drew in 2 rows of scallops, spacing them apart evenly…and those scallops are very rough, FYI. I cut the bodice pattern apart on the top line like you can see below, and then cut out 1 on the fold.

I then used this fab tutorial to make my scallops. She uses freezer paper! Go check it out.

Then I sewed along the curves to make my scallops, clipped around the curves, and turned right side out and pressed with my iron. Repeat one more time.

Then I cut another piece of the same fabric 2″ wide and made a scallop sandwich with the bottom of the bodice and that piece of fabric.  Sew it together, then repeat with another piece and your other panel of scallops.

This is what it should look like now!

Then I used my pattern to trim off the excess on the sides. Obviously I didn’t worry much about the length of my bodice-but you can adjust for your kiddo.

Then trace your new bodice into a pattern, or use it to cut out 1 more on the fold, and 4 more with a back neckline, also with 1/2″ added to the middle of the pattern (aka where the fold is for the front bodice) this makes room for the zipper to be installed later!

Then sew the back bodice pieces to the front bodice piece right sides together at the shoulders.

Press the seams open.

Then pin the lining to outside around the neckline and sew it together. Clip curves, turn right side out, and press.

I made some slightly gathered sleeves and sewed them into the armholes.

Next sew the sides of the bodice right sides together and press.

For the skirt, I cut 2 panels selvage to selvage to the length I wanted. I sewed the short sides together, then serged the seams, and top and bottom of skirt.

Then…I totally winged it on the pleats. Just made some box pleats until it fit the open bodice.

 like so. Then I sewed them right sides together, installed an invisible zipper, hemmed it and was done.


  1. I love this dress! I suppose I’ll have to learn to draft sleeves now…


  3. very cute! I lov ethe colors on this one!

  4. those pleats and scallops are sheer perfections Jess!!! Really, just WOW. I am so blown away by this.

  5. Cute!! That orange fabric looks really nice! I love the name you picked!

  6. This is just stunning. I LOVE the color combination it is right up my alley there. I just LOVE everything about this!

  7. LOVELY!!! I am more than happy seing that you have been so busy doing all this beautiful dresses, the hard part is to choose wich one to copy …. OK, i set my mind, i will try each one!!!

  8. The scallops are PERFECT!!! Everything about this I love. Fabulous tutorial, again.

  9. This would be so fun in strawberry shortcake colors. Or berries and cream.
    So cute!

  10. So cute! LOVE all the names too. What fun.

  11. Another gorgeous dress!! Love the scallops. I’m sure your girls are the best dressed in town! :0)

  12. Thank you for yet another lovely dress. I look forward to your Tutorials as I am slowly making dresses for my friend’s Charity to raise money for Medication for the Children. So thank you for all of the work you put into this. It also challenges me a lot as it a long time since I made dresses for my girls, who now have their own (and sons of course).

  13. You make it look so easy! My niece has just had a little girl,I’m going to get some practise in until I become (hopefully a Nanna

  14. Anonymous says

    i absolutely love the way you present your tutorials and make the pattern drafting look so easy – it gives me the confidence to jump into creating my own patterns instead of trawling the pattern books – well done and thankyou,

  15. I stumbled upon your blog last week and spent way to much time looking at all of your beautiful creations! I shared this pattern with my readers providing a link to your blog. Here it is if you would like to go see

  16. DARLING LITTLE GIRL’S DRESS, Peaches and Cream! THANKS for the detailed tutorial including sharp photos and instructions. LOVE the scalloped bodice–adds a unique look to the dress. Colors are FAB for spring! Lots of Mom’s LOVE sewn into this as you created your own pattern for this dress. BRAVO! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  17. This is so cute! I think instead of scallops I’ll use lace for the bodice :). I love the scallops, but the lace is pretty and less work lol. Absolutely adorable!


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