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 We’re still feeling pretty yucky around here so posting might be light for a bit. Sorry…but to make up for it, here’s a way old post I wrote and never put up! Don’t you feel special now?

I’ve attended two crafty events recently (ok, like in November)-with organized crafts and teachers-they were both SO much fun. They are put on by our church, and I went to my own, and my friend Kim’s. (she lives in another town…it was so much fun to hang with her all day!) At that event we made some adorable felt flowers to go on grapevine wreaths. Honestly, I almost slapped pins and hair clips to them….but I decided my kitchen fireplace needed them more than I did.

We used various felt flower techniques and made some up as we went. I get most of my wool felt here. I love wool felt, it’s seriously gorgeous stuff to work with, and once you get some you’ll never go back to the craft felt. It is more expensive, but oh so worth it.

We made these adorable pom pom necklaces (and some headbands) at the event held in my town, and I love how it turned out! I used grey knit, exactly like in the tutorial…I guess imitation was the sincerest form of flattery in this case! 
Also, check out the winner of the Vibrant Designs giveaway here!
Also, she’s got a coupon code for you, my lovely readers, for 20% off any item in her shop.  It will be good for one week from today!  
Coupon code is CRAFTY20


  1. Thank you for the felt site! I’ve been wanting to order some and haven’t yet come across a site with reasonable prices. This one looked great and I just made an order!

    I can’t wait to try out a few of your pretty tutorials!

  2. очень милые веночек и колье!

  3. I like a necklace,it is original and unique.

  4. How did you attach the flowers to the wreath?

  5. hot glue!

  6. What are the colors of the felt you used?


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