easy trim headband-mini tutorial

**I’m feeling pretty cruddy (achey cold boohoo) so I’m leaving this giveaway open for one more day! Go get your entries in!**

I have lots of lovely trim lying around my sewing room, and the other day I was thinking… (and no, I didn’t hurt myself. much.)….I should really use it more…and so these super easy headbands were born. They’re very basic, but you could always slap a crocheted or fabric flower on them to fancy it up, or even just a clip.

I was given this lovely piece of trim from my pal and sewing co-hort, Jessie, for my birthday, I love the little lavender flowers on it!

All you need is:

3/8″ elastic
at least 1 yard of trim-wider is better but skinnier trim would work, just hand sew the elastic on, and use 1/4″ elastic

First I measured around Sadie’s noggin-19.5″. I cut a piece of trim that was 19″, then a piece of elastic that was about 1.5″ long.

Then I folded each raw edge of the trim under 1/2″ , then sewed the elastic on top of the fold, on the wrong side of the trim.  That seemed to do the trick with sizing…but it’s probably best to cut a slightly longer piece of elastic, sew one side on, then try it on and adjust before sewing on the other side.

Either way-it’s pretty foul proof, and super easy to boot! I think this would look so cute for us big girls, with some lace trim! Hmmm……


  1. This is a great idea!!!! Thank you!!! :))))

    ciao ciao

  2. Muy bueno,gracias =)

  3. Very cute and so simple!

  4. Great idea!

  5. Super cute! Thanks for sharing. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Super cute idea and quick too. Great idea. Thank you.

    I sure hope you feel better soon. Cruddy isn’t a good thing.

  7. I just sat down at the computer because I am starting to feel a bit cruddy myself and needed a little rest! Cute headband 🙂

  8. So simple…but so incredibly cute!
    Feel better soon!

  9. This is such a delightful idea. I think my girls will love this as they are really into headbands! thanks for the great idea and hope you feel better!

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