Pink and Grey baby shower

Check out my Mary Poppins dress over on The Train to Crazy-Andrea is featuring a ton of costume and dress up tutorials that you have got to check out. 🙂

I co-hosted a baby shower this past weekend for a dear friend. (I’ve known her for ages-since those yucky teen years, lol…that wasn’t just me, right?)

Anyways, she’s having a girl (after two boys, hooray!), so Cassy and I knew we had to go with pink. We found these free adorable invitations and bookplates, and decided to use that as our theme and color scheme. (I even worked the flippin’ cute bunnies in, as you’ll see.)

First off, you know I gotta have colored straws at any party I throw. I love ’em-such an easy way to throw in some color and cuteness.

I found the adorable grey polka dot napkins at Target-along with the pink plates.

We served a whole table of sweet treats for the guests to enjoy, and I made a quick little bunting to go across the front of the table. (more on the fabric later)

I made some chrysanthemum cupcakes-please ooh and ahh over these-cause they took about 2 hours to frost, like, 15 cupcakes. They’re really cute, but I’ll never be making them again. ever.


ALthough I finally got the hang of it on my last 2 or 3. har har. I even filled them with some homemade raspberry sauce. Fancy!

Cake recipe. Raspberry filling recipe.

We grabbed some cotton candy jelly beans and yogurt covered pretzels from the store to fill in the table. (I made the pink cake plates with this tutorial-all the other dishes were gifted to me or thrifted)

I made these adorable bunny cookies ahead of time-which was great because that was one less thing to worry about the morning of!

You can find the recipes I use here. The polka dots were made by dropping in little blobs of white frosting while it was still wet. Cute, and easy!

 I made the little food labels in Picnik, and had the little place setting holders on hand.

This ruffle cake was the Pièce de résistance!

It was crazy easy to frost, and so stunning! Seriously, gonna do this for any shower or occasion I throw from here on out.

Bridal shower? Ruffle cake.

Fourth of July? Ruffle cake.

Rory’s birthday? OH YEAH. Ruffle cake.

 Links: Cake recipe, frosting recipe, ruffle technique video.

I found these oh so adorable bunnies at the thrift store…ok, so they weren’t so adorable when I found them. (should have gotten a picture!

The little guy had some creepy emo eyeliner eyes, and the big one had butterflies glued to his butt. It wasn’t anything a little cleaning and grey spray paint couldn’t fix-and they were a fun way to pull together the table with the invites and bookplates.

Cassy made some delish chocolate dipped oreos, drizzled with pink chocolate (cute, right?) and we last-minute decided to add some fresh fruit in case anyone was dieting or *gulp* didn’t like chocolate. (the horror!)

Finishing off the table of sugary goodness were some Dove chocolates and Chocolate Orange cheesecakes that Cassy made (which sadly I didn’t get to taste-they were really popular and flew off the plate).

We had printed off bookplates on sticker paper and had suggested guests bring girly books to start little Penny’s collection off right! (cute name, huh?) One of the games Cassy planned was a guess how many pennies are in the jar game…that’s what the little jar of pennies is for. Cute!

She got lots and lots of girly goodness. I’ll show you what I made her another day. Let’s just say I had me some FUN!

We made little table squares using fat quarters of this Hullabaloo fabric. We used some canning jars and pink raffia to dress them up, and planned to light the candles-but the wind stopped those plans short. 🙁

It was quite a fun spread to put together, and the guests loved it! (as did the mama, who is the most important!)

For favors, we put together some easy cabochon earrings in pink and white. Rory helped me make this simple wooden frame and I stapled yarn across so we could string them up. I got the little tags here.

Cute, huh? We have a lot of extras, so I’ll let you know when they go in the shop.

I’ll just leave you with this yummy photo, and a big smile from me! (well, you’ll have to imagine the smile) Hope you enjoyed the post!


  1. I like the post, but I liked the shower even more. Great job, seriously. And probably the reason you didn’t get an orange cheesecake oreo truffle thing is because I ate like 6 of them… SO good. The party was beautiful, and I think everyone had a great time. I can totally envision your big smile. 🙂

  2. Wow!! What an amazing effort! I don’t know how you find the time to squeeze in so much crafty goodness into your day. The food looks amazing – especially cupcakes and ruffle cake!! suz

  3. Love the color scheme and idea! It is still girly, but not like IT’S A GIRLLLLLLLLLLL kind of shower. Those cupcakes are amazing! You can toootally throw me a shower when the time comes 🙂

  4. WOW! You rock!
    I think everything looks amazing.
    I adore your cupcakes and cake.
    I would have never thought that pink and gray for a baby shower could look so stinking cute! Oh…I could go on and on about each and every element…love EVERYTHING!

  5. So cute! That cake looks amazing! And what awesome party favors… love the earrings! 🙂 Great job!

  6. Everything that you made for this party is so freaking amazing! I kind of hate you right now 🙂
    (just kidding…I’m just in awe of your talent…you rock!)

  7. Hi, I’ve been lurking for a while, so it’s time to say hi and oh my goodness what a beautiful party! I have a question about the ruffled icing. Did you need to double your recipe to have enough for the cake? I’d like to try it for my girls’ birthday this weekend. Love your blog!

  8. Turned out so cute!! Love the ruffle cake! And the earings as favors!! Thanks for the inspiration! I’m going to be doing a baby shower for my sis pretty soon here!

  9. I just drooled a little for that cake!!
    Everything came out super great!
    I love your blog!!

  10. Wauw!! I love this!

  11. Wauw!! I love this!

  12. Wauw!! I love this!

  13. Wauw!! I love this!

  14. Wauw!! I love this!

  15. Wauw!! I love this!

  16. Wauw!! I love this!

  17. Looks like a sweet party!! Question for you: how do you get the cupcake papers to stay so nice? Whenever I use fancy cupcake papers, it seems like the oil from the cake soaks into them and makes them a translucent-y greasy mess!

  18. Wow! You’re just basically amazing Jess! Such a gorgeous shower and I LOVE that ruffle cake!

  19. Ooh and Ahh…that was for the cupcakes. LOVE them. Love the theme. Pink and gray is perfection.

    I won’t know what do to with myself if this baby is a girl!!!!

  20. Aww, what a fab idea with the books/bookplates, and those cupcakes are amazing (but I can totally see why you won’t be doing them again o.O)

  21. You completely amaze me! I thought the Mary Poppins party was over-the-top, but this shower! WOW! I wish I could have a piece of the ruffle cake right now! Thanks so much for your blog…I’ve been reading for several months now and I just love it. I’m completely inspired to try making kids clothes after all of your great tutorials (especially once I have one of my own!), and I’m dying to start throwing crazy-awesome parties! So fun! I hope your girls realize how lucky they are to have such a talented momma!

  22. OMG so how cute is all that! Great job! LOve it all!


  23. Oh, my! Your family is blessed beyond measure! Your talent and energy is amazing.
    I’ve been a follower of your blog for some time, and love seeing all the lovely things you create.
    This shower is over the top fantastic!! The cake is incredible as are the cupcakes and you even painted the bunny rabbits!!!
    Oh, my. lol
    Thank you for sharing,

  24. everything is picture perfect! your cupcakes look AMAZING! I love the cake too. beautiful color scheme. i bet your friend was so delighted by this wonderful shower!

  25. The ruffle cake is awesome! (^_^)

  26. DARLING! That ruffle cake is killing me, I WANT TOI EAT IT RIGHT NOOOOWWWW!!! And the earrings?! Genius! I too love the colored straws!

  27. Wow! what a gorgeous party. I am dumbfounded by how well organised you must be… I hop it was a really special day.


  28. Everything looks so great! I’m new to your blog and look forward to seeing more and getting inspired for my own daughters parties! I noticed you have cute background patterns on your table cards for this and I think I saw some for your Mary poppins party too. Where did you find those?? I’d love to try to add that detail to my party creations in the future. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  29. It’s all gorgeous, but that cake is mind-blowing! It just looks so darn good!

  30. Oh my wowness… this is so adorable. The ruffle cake is totally gorgeous. You said it was easy to do?!

    What really blew my mind though, funnily enough, was that you spray painted those ceramic bunnies. I am a big time thrifter, and I’ve passed up many a ceramic/clay/whatever cutie because the finish was all gross, or the finish wasn’t gross but the colors were gross (LOL)… spray painting them a modern solid color?

    *mind blown*

  31. Thank you for all of the links! I have a question, how do you attach the cabochons to the earring backs? What kind of glue did you use? I’ve always wondered. It seems like maybe hot glue would peel off. Maybe not?


  32. Very Beautiful and I will use some of these great ideas for my friends baby shower. Thanks!

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