Minnie Mouse dresses

Β We are big Disneyland fans in this house, and since we’re headed down for a trip soon, I just had to make the girls some matching Minnie Mouse dresses! (and by “had to” I mean I thought of the idea, and then kept putting it off til right before the trip…gotta love the last minute sewing scramble)

They’re uber simple peasant dresses (I use this pattern), and I made the casing around the waist using this tutorial.


Sadie was so excited that they were matching, and even Charlotte seemed to be excited to take pictures next to her big sis. I love how cute they look together. Though, I will probably hem Charlotte’s up a little more.

We can’t wait for our trip! Sadie is beyond excited, despite this picture. (Rory too. πŸ˜‰

I just love how Charlotte is staring up adoringly at Sadie. πŸ˜€ More often than not she looks annoyed at her…Sadie is a bit bossy and likes to pull her around and dress her and try to feed her. It’d almost be cute if she didn’t do it 24/7. Eh. Kids. πŸ™‚


  1. OMG too cute – I just love it =)
    Your girls are just the cutest models, I enjoy their pics every time I read your posts.

  2. bellissime topoline….
    complimenti alla mamma!
    ciao Stefania

  3. TO cute!!!

  4. Adorable! Hope you take lots of pictures at DW. I’m sure you’ll have people stop you and ask where you purchased these cute MM dresses. Have fun!

  5. I’m sorry, your kids are just too cute! I love Charlotte’s red hair! You should be so proud (even if you waited too long to make them, you did get them made so you get extra bonus points!) Great job!

  6. This is absolutely adorable! I can’t wait until I get knocked up by my husband so I can make all of these cute kids clothes, haha πŸ™‚ I had a Halloween costume very similar to this when I was a kid — it brings back great memories πŸ˜›

  7. So sweet!

  8. These are flipping adorable! I showed my oldest and she went nuts. Awesome, Jess πŸ™‚

  9. Those are so cute Jess! I hope you have a marvelous trip!

    You should try to find Minnie and get a picture of the 3 of them… that prbably already occurred to you.

  10. So cute, have fun!

  11. Que princesas mais lindas! Esses vestidos ficaram fofos demais. =]

  12. Adorable!!!

  13. So cute. I’m sure they love them! I love the first picture. Charlotte looks like “is this how we do it, Sadie?”

  14. Oh, they look adorable! And you get extra credit for getting both kids in one shot! I have a hard enough time photographing just one kid!

  15. These are adorable! Your girls are adorable! Have fun!

  16. Super cute! πŸ™‚

  17. Oh so darling! My oldest son said the other day “We need to have a girl next so when Chase is Mickey mouse the girl could be Minnie” I just cracked up. My 2 year old is determined to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween and I am so excited!! I love when they want to be something cute and sweet still. These are simply adorable. They are going to get lots of smiles while they are at Disneyland.

  18. darling! We’re huge disney fans as well. I’ll have to do that for my girlie when we finally decide to take her!

  19. Very cute! My little girls who is about the same age as Sadie loves matching her baby sister too! Have a fun trip.

  20. SO cute!!!! I love Disneyland! Hopefully one of these years we’ll get to take Ansley.

  21. Love them! And your girls make them even cuter!

  22. SO CUTE! I love the looks that Charlotte is giving Sadie, too. Melts me. Have fun in Disneyland!!

  23. Love! We went to disney world last year and I made my 2 year old a minnie mouse dress (the pink, mickey mouse clubhouse version) complete with giant matching bow, it was a huge hit! πŸ™‚ your girls are adorable!!! Love little miss charlotte! Have a blast on your vacation, can’t wait to see pictures!

  24. CUTE CUTE CUTE! I like the bow headband Sadie is wearing, too! Have an awesome trip!!!

  25. Oh my word, oh my word, oh my word – those dresses are sooo flipping cute! Your daughters are super adorable too!

  26. So adorable! Have a safe trip

  27. super cute! i am sure you will have a fabulous time!!! we just got back from disney world today!!! it was a wonderful time and my little girl was uber excited!!! i posted a few disney projects on my blog.

  28. Both the girls and the dresses are super cute!

  29. So adorable! You did a great job. Have a great time at the Big D … we will be there ourselves in less than 4 weeks! Whoo hoo!!

  30. I’m so jealous you have 2 girls to dress up for Disney! We just got back, and I might have been a bit envious of all the little girls walking around in their cute princess/fairy/minnie outfits! I had to content myself with Mickey shirts for my boys.
    You did a fantastic job as always!

  31. They are soooooooo cute!!!!

  32. That dress pattern is my go to peasant pattern. I love it. Adorable dresses, and the models are to die for. =)

  33. Adorable with a capital A. x

  34. Umm, hold the phone. What happened to baby Charlotte? This looks a whole lot like standing tall toddler Charlotte. How do these things happen? Not ok! lol. They are just so adorable, and those dresses are totally cute! I still remember wearing my Minnie Mouse dress to Disney when I was little, although mine was not lovingly handmade by my mother.

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