cupcakes galore!

This weekend I made 70 cupcakes for a wedding open house for a longtime gal pal (like since kindergarten-ish). Her new hubby has a fondness for red velvet and she likes lemon, so the flavors were easy to decide on! I practiced beforehand (everyone I knew who sampled them was so bummed they had to help eat cupcakes for scientific reasons…) Lemon recipes here, Red Velvet recipes here.

My favorite part were the little fondant flowers I made for the top-I wanted them to be simple and elegant-hopefully they were. Her colors were navy blue, red, and orange.

Alas, some idiot stole my navy blue liners off my porch after they were delivered! I also figured this out LAST Saturday. YIKES. (it was my bad) Did you know it’s extremely hard to find navy blue liners? Well, it is. Trust me. I scoured the interwebs for hours with no luck. (the lovely etsy store I’d ordered them from was out of stock at the moment)

My Silhouette came to the rescue! I downloaded a cupcake wrapper, bought out Michaels’ stock of navy blue card stock, and made a bunch of scalloped wrappers! It actually didn’t take very long…so I’m excited to make wrappers like these for other occasions! Christmas, New Years, Columbus Day…any day really.


  1. Beautiful looking cupcakes & I am sure they were tasty too! Did you make them ahead of time and refrigerate/freeze them at all? I am making cupcakes for a wedding this Friday (I’ve never done anything like this before!) so I was just looking for some tips. Thanks!

  2. Those look so tasty I could eat them up right off the screen! I think you succeeded with making your flowers simple and elegant, in case you were wondering. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Those look soooooo yummy!
    Yes, the fondant flowers do look simple and elegant. Your cupcake wrappers came out great. I know that took some time to do but it was well worth the effort.

  4. As always great job!! I’m sure your friend will be impressed.

  5. Haha (about making cupcake wrappers for Columbus Day)

    Anyway, these cupcakes (and the wrappers) are super cute Jess. Definitely elegant and simple. And I would have thought so even if you hadn’t suggested it. You are such a pro.

    Also, please add me to your list of future taste testers.

  6. WOW!! That looks so yummy… great job

  7. Gorgeous! Is there anything you can’t do? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Those look fab, sure she loved them

  9. They look fabulous! I bet they were scrumptious too!

    I am curious though, what type of cupcake carriers are those? They look so much safer than mine are around here!

    AS for your quick fix on your cupcake wrappers they look great too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good job on everything!

  10. I’m so impressed with how beautiful (and consistent) the icing turned out! And, congrats on the clever fix for the cupcake liners – boo for people who steal off your porch!

  11. Those look awesome! As I was reading I gasped that someone stole the package off your porch. Losers. At the same time I thought to myself I bet she got all crafty up in there and ended up making them with her fancy cutting gizmo. As I continued to read on I guess I wasn’t surprised to read that you actually did end up making them.

  12. They look fabulous. How did you pipe the frosting? What tip did you use? They so professional.

  13. Yes, I would love to know how you put the icing on? I ice cupcakes but they never look this good…hint, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE!!! Also, do you make your own fondant?


  14. Ohhhh, those look both delicious and gorgeous! Oh, and you’re an amazing friend!

  15. You totally must do a cupcake frosting tutorial! Those are so perfect. I am salivating right now! I love your scalloped edges too.

    They turned out phenomenal!

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