Summertime refashion guest post

Today I’m guest posting over at On the Laundry Line, for Laura’s Summertime, and the Living is Thrifty blog series, with this adorable refashioned top. (which cost a total of $2.75 thankyaverymuch)

Hi! I’m Jess from Craftiness is not Optional, and I’m a cheapskate.  I also love to sew. (that’s also kind of an understatement)
I also absolutely love refashioning. Especially taking a somewhat funky thrift store find, taking it apart, and making it look brand new! I stumbled across this shirt a little while ago while thrifting and the pattern jumped out at me-it was perfect for a summertime top for my daughter Sadie.

I added a cute little tuxedo shirt detail, bib detail, scoop thing…whatever you want to call it, and some ric rac and buttons to jazz it up.

Little miss likes it, and it was really easy and cheap to make! The shirt was $2, ric rac about 25 cents, and buttons were 50 cents. So a grand total of $2.75! Can’t shake a stick at that! (I might not actually know what that saying means)

So, want your little one to be thrifty and cute?

You’ll need:
a women’s knit t-shirt (the larger the better)
scraps of white knit
ric rac
ballpoint needle (for sewing with knits)
thread and sewing stuff

pattern (I go into more detail about making a t-shirt pattern here.)

 Ok So first off cut two bodice pieces on the fold, one should have a lower neckline. Use the bottom of the shirt if you can so you don’t have to hem it!

Next, sketch a bib/scoop on some paper, using the front neckline.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just fold it in half and cut out.

make sure it fits your neckline.

 …and room for  buttons!

Then cut out two pieces on the fold of your white knit. (two layers so the pattern won’t show through)

Pin to your bodice.

Then sew around, about 1/8″ from the edge.

Then take your ric rac and sew it along the edge as well, covering your stitches from the previous step. Sew down the middle of the ric rac.

Next cut out your sleeves-I used the armhole to gauge the size needed, and cut out a shape like this. Knits are forgiving, so it doesn’t need to be exact. I also cut this out using the existing hem, and on the fold, of course.

Then I unpicked the collar to re use.

Sew right sides together, one shoulder.

Then pin your tape on, sandwiching the raw edge.

Sew that on, and then sew the other shoulder, right sides together.

Sorry about the pic from another tutorial, but pin the sleeves into the armholes, right sides together, then sew those as well.

Next pin and sew the sides of the shirt together.

Match up the existing hems as best you can. (again, knit is forgiving, so it’s not too hard!)

Sew on your buttons, and tada! You have a cute, refashioned top for mere dollars.  Also, one of a kind!

Thanks for having me Laura! I hope you all have a Thrifty Summer!


  1. Such an adorable top and the model is cute as a button as always!

  2. Really cute, Jess. Nice work 🙂

  3. I’m a new follower of yours, by the way, and I just can’t get over how cute your girls are! Just had to tell you that. I love seeing what you make for them.

  4. I love this cute top on the cutest Sadie. Whom has grown into a little girl this Summer.

  5. Awesome turnaround on that shirt! Didn’t you just get that “fabric” at the thrift store? Looks much better now:)

  6. She is so adorable… cutie your girl!!!

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