Junebug sew along Part 3-sleeves and skirt

Now for the sleeves and skirt!

Click below for the full tutorial!

For the sleeves, this is a handy trick to make elastic casings a wee bit easier. Fold over the sleeve 1/4″…

and then another 1/2″. (or less, but I wanted a bit of a ruffled look on the edge, so I sewed my casing in about 1/8″ from the edge, but more on that later) Do not sew it closed yet!

Then sew a gathering stitch along the curved part of the sleeve and gather to fit the armhole. You can see I concentrated the gathers at the top of the sleeve. It’s up to you!

Sew them in and finish the seams, then unfold the ironed part of the sleeves, pin the sides of the bodice and sleeve right sides together and sew and finish them up as well.

For the sleeves,  fold down the ironed part once…

..and then once more, then pin, and sew your casing.

Leave a spot open for the elastic. I also sewed a line around close to the other edge, to create the slight ruffle on the edge of the sleeve. Cut your 1/4″ elastic for the sleeves (I cut mine 8″ long), thread it through with a safety pin, and sew the ends together. Then sew the opening closed. Repeat for other sleeve.

As far as the skirt goes, I didn’t have much fabric left, so I cut it into two pieces (20 wide x 16″ long), folded the two pieces in half (no pic of this, sorry) and cut the sides into a slight (very slight) A-line shape.

If you’re making your own pattern, you can figure out how long to make the skirt by measuring your child…add inches for the hem and seam allowance….and then the width is up to you, it depends on how gathered you want it to be! My width was about twice the measurement of the bodice, if that helps.

Then I sewed the two pieces right sides together…

…gathered the top of the skirt to fit the bottom of the bodice…pinned and sewed them right sides together.

Then hemmed the bottom by folding and ironing up 1/2″, then another 2″. I like a wide hem once in awhile. I sewed two rows of stitching for extra fanciness.

Then sew your buttons on, and you’re done!

I’d LOVE to see your Junebug dresses-make sure and add them to my Flickr group and we can all ooh and ahh over them!


  1. That is so precious!!! LOVE!!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Great dress! It’s completely adorable. I also like your tutorial – very easy to follow – and hope to give it a try.

  3. That is so cute and the tutorial is great. I don’t think I have the skills yet, but someday…

  4. I just finished!!!! Had to do a lot of seam ripping since I’m pretty new to sewing, but it was so worth it! The dress is precious, and I will send you a pic very soon! Thanks!!!!

  5. Oh man, I am so close – but I might not have enough fabric for the skirt! Might need to head back to JoAnn’s. I am LOVING how it looks so far. I am so glad I participated in this sew-along!

  6. LOVE your method of assembling and sewing clothing! So clean, neat and efficient.

    I make doll clothes, using similar steps and I think it would be neat if you compiled a book of doll clothing using your patterns and sewing steps.

    Great job!!!!

  7. I love this dress. She looks so darling in it.

    Would you mind telling me the name of that yellow fabric in the background of the post.

  8. I love it! I’m adding it to my tutorial list to try. The buttons really add some sweet flair to such a cute dress!

  9. Thanks for another super-cute tutorial! You know I love your stuff!!

  10. So cute and classy! Had to ‘sew along’ but I don’t have a flicker account, but I blogged it! Come and visit me at Confessions of a Crafter! http://confessions-of-a-crafter.blogspot.com/2011/07/sewing-for-my-little-girl.html

  11. I really wanted to do this sew along, and was bookmarking all of your darling dresses for the little one in my belly who turned out to be my third boy. I was actually going to name this baby Charlotte-a coincidence, but we picked out something more masculine. Don’t feel sorry for me, I do have a girl, and when she was 2 she only wore hand made dresses! Maybe I’ll get a niece to sew for. Thanks for sharing, you’re great.

  12. Thanks for the great tut! I had so much fun making this dress and can’t wait for other cute ones 🙂 I like that my girly fits the size pattern you put on here 🙂

  13. This is a gorgeous dress! Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  14. First time doing one of your sew alongs… It was a GREAT tutorial and I learned a ton 🙂 Plus, my daughter looks adorable! Thanks so much!

  15. The dress is spectacular. It would also look nice with the waist topstitched. Beautiful! Julianne

  16. Hi, I’m kinda new to sewing and I’m ready to tackle this dress but I have two questions.

    A. how do you do a gathering stitch? What picture is that on the sewing machine? I’m not even sure I have that stitch on my sewing machine.

    B. I have this cute wintery fabric that I was hoping to use this pattern on, do you have any tips on doing long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves?

  17. Hello! I write from Italy. I just finished sewing a dress for my little daughter following your tutorial. I seem to have come good, soon I’ll publish on my blog. Thank you! I never thought I could sew a model like this! (Sorry for my broken English).

  18. Hello! I just posted on my blog the photos of the little dress that I sewed according to your instructions. I hope you like it, thanks again, Katy.

  19. Anonymous says

    As soon as i saw this dress i knew i had to make it. I am in the procces of making it mow but i lost my only skinny elastic for the sleeves. So im pretty much on hold tell i find it. I have never done botton holes before and ive been to lazy to learn; so i sewed the buttons on the the flap and to cone t the flap to the frpnt part i used clips.
    After i find my skinny elastic i then have to find a little girl to give this dress to.
    Even though i have been many troubles making this dress (probably becuase i havent been following your instuctions that well) i will certainly keep this pattern to make more.)

  20. Thank you so much for this!! I just posted a couple pictures of my daughter wearing the finished product. I’m new to sewing and this was my first project to come out right on the first attempt. I would like to put a link on my blog as well if you have no issue with it. Again, thank you!

  21. Love the pattern, going make this for my 7 & 1 year old

  22. Loved the tutorial. I got confused sometimes, only because I’ve never followed a pattern before and once I googled the terms, I got it. Anyway, I love this cute little dress! I posted it on my personal blog and referenced your pattern as well. Check it out. http://anotherboringaccountant.blogspot.com/2013/02/v-day-dress-for-isabel.html

  23. Love this dress and I would love to make it for my neice who is five years old. Where can I find the pdf pattern for this. I will truly appreciate it..thank you for sharing all your great stuff…GOD bless your kind soul.

  24. I have a Bernette 15 (I’ve dubbed it “Haldis” which means Firm Helper in Norse.) I love it, but my “automatic buttonhole maker” is really an automatic grey-hair-project-ruiner-thread-ruffler-headache-creator. Sigh. Back to the beginning for me.

  25. I made a romper. It’s missing two buttons (I simply cannot imagine WHO took those from Momma’s desk), but I love it! I’m so excited about it!!

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/marlowes_loft/8654517512/in/[email protected]

  26. Thank-You for the Junebug pattern, JI made 2 dresses for my granddaughter. I posted them on my blog @www.mimiandthelittles.com. Please feel free to drop me a little visit.

  27. Christine Danneels says

    Thank you so much for the pattern !
    Christine from Belgium

  28. Please help me, I can’t find the pattern.. Think I’m blind haha, but can’t find it, please help me

    • it’s in the first post of this series, or you can buy the multi size pattern by clicking on the patterns tab at the top of my page 🙂

  29. I’ve had a great sewing week and just finished this dress — love love love how it turned out — thank you x

  30. Love this Junebug dress! Have just finished the Vintage Heirloom one…I did it in a red Christmassy print with white collar and white binding on sleeves…..for my youngest granddaughter…… if I can I will post a photo somewhere!
    Am quite new to this dressmaking malarkey and thanks to great people like you I am doing really well. Your tutorials are brilliant. Thank you so much. Will let you know how I get on with Junebug..have a Liquorice all sorts print and six big pink buttons at the ready.


  31. Forgot to say I don’t know where your followers are but I’m in England….xx

  32. It´s a fantastic dress. I just finished a blue and white version for my two year old, and I can´t wait to see her in it.
    I made some changes from your tutirial. I started the A line an inch up, so I had no extra fabric when doing the hem. I also cut the front fabric wider than the back on the skirt to allow for my girl to run in it. If you suggestion was 20 inches wide, I cut the front from a 24 inches wide square, while the back the width you suggested. Thank you for sharing!

  33. Thank you so much for this tutorial- thanks to your design and how-to-make pattern guide, my daughter now has a Christmas dress. I have no idea how to send you a photo, but thanks just the same. It’s a beautiful design and I appreciate your creativity ?

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