laminated cotton Baprons (and some in the shop!)

 My fabulous new sponsor, Kelly from Oil Cloth Addict, sent me some laminated cotton to play with. Have you ever heard of laminated cotton? It’s fabulous and waterproof, but not as stiff as oilcloth. It’s really got a nice drape to it. You can read more about it on her blog! It’s also more kid friendly than oil cloth, for bibs and food pouches and such. 
So of course I had to make some Baprons! I picked out some fat quarters of fabric (laminated cottons are wider-54/55″ instead of 44″) and each FQ made two Baprons. Since each FQ is around $5, it’s really a great deal! Especially since you don’t have to line it with flannel. It’s totally waterproof.
Here is some eye candy, and just a small sample of the prints they have available! (I still have some I haven’t cut into-maybe they’ll get made into some snack bags?)

Forest Hills by Anna Maria Horner
And since every fat quarter makes two Baprons…I’ve put this batch into my shop!


  1. Who knew laminated cotton came in such fabulous prints?!? I love the Forest Hills. Great idea to use this stuff for baprons, Jess.

  2. You are Dangerous! I totally want those fabrics, they are so beautiful! =)

  3. Beautiful! If my kids were still babies I would totally want to make these, the fabrics are just great!

  4. Oh my goodness. If Olivia starts going down by 8 like she did yesterday on a consistant basis so I actually have some creative time… I might just need to order some of that and buy the rights to make those baprons. Or just make a million and horde them just to look at. either way. Dare to dream though (although it was kinda dreamy cutting a kazillion miles of bias tape last night. Just kidding, I would have rather actually been working on the Living With Punks floor pillows I was trying to do, but I tried to make myself skip the bias tape for a lack of matchies and couldn’t. You can never have too many miles of bias tape!)

  5. So cute! I love the armholes instead of velcro/ties. You could sell this pattern!

    Love your fabric choices!

  6. I love those fabrics!! The baprons are adoreable! I still need to make some of those!
    I was looking for some oil cloth I like to (attempt) to recover our high chair. Maybe laminated cotton would be the better way to go?

  7. Those are adorable, Jess! Random question-is laminated cotton machine washable?

  8. Hello there – am just learning how to link with other blogs, and thought a look-see at yours would pay dividends. Love your Baprons and was interested in the new(?)fabrics you’re using. Very useful for such enterprises!

  9. Laminated Cotton – what a great product!! Those baprons are so so cute too! Great work.

  10. I wish I had half your talent. Whenever I try to be crafty, my friends say it looks like someone with three fingers made it. I need new friends 🙁

  11. Love the idea of the bapron! I need to make some for my niece. I just wish Oil Cloth Addict didn’t charge $4 to ship a FQ… that’s a little steep!

  12. I have used PUL for years but have not heard of laminated cotton, is there a difference? I sounds like it would be a lot like the PUL to work with.

  13. You’ve inspired me!
    I’m making a dress with some Anna Maria Horner fabric (voile not laminate!), and I just ordered some of the Amy Butler fabrc to make my daughters a quilt each. But I am definitely thinking a few baprons should be next on the to do list…..

  14. Lovely items!!! Love them!

    Lola x

  15. I love this Blog. Congrats on “Blogger of Note”! What beautiful children! You are right “Craftiness is not optional”…at least in my world.

  16. i really love those fabricks, they have amazing personality.

  17. Wonderful designs…so retro, and colorful. congrats! to find out about new movie, book, music, and video game releases

  18. Nice prints. It has been a long time since I hav seen good prints.Thanks for sharing:)

  19. I wonder – can you use laminated cotton for diaper covers?

  20. CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen a Blog of Note! I really like your page!!

    Common Cents

  21. They’re adorable!

  22. Hi!
    Im your follower!
    I loved your blog! Good job, I must say 🙂

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  23. Thanks to blogger’s “blogs of note” I found your delightful blog. I’m looking forward to perusing it further. I love to sew, and I’m having a fit over your baprons and buttons! The bapron pattern is just what I need for a baby gift in a few weeks. Thanks, thanks!

  24. Love it-I am heading over to look at all the prints right now-my daughter just started pulling her bibs off so I need to make some baprons that she can’t pull off! I am also wondering about washing these fabrics. Another question-did you use regular fabric or laminated cotton for the bias tape? thanks!

  25. As far as I know they are wipe clean only, and I used regular fabric for the bias tape!

  26. Olá!!!Já faz alguns dias que encontrei esse seu espaço e desde então não parei de visitar.Estou encantada com tudo que vejo aqui,tenho me inspirado muito em seus trabalhos…tenho duas netinhas que eu adoro,e apesar de não ser uma costureira profissional arrisco algumas coisas.Adorei cada postagem que vi até agora,e seus manequins são o máximo.Parabéns…muita saúde,paz e amor a você e toda a sua família.

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