Happy Father’s Day

This year I was actually on top of things and got together an awesome root beer sampler for Rory. (he’s a long time lover of all things root beer…candy, soda, ice cream) Granted, last year I was a bit busy around this time, but still. It was fun to pick out the different kinds for us him to try! I got the idea here. I got all of my root beers at our local BevMo. I happened to have this crate that fit them perfectly (thrifted it once upon a time) so I loaded them up and will have them ready for Rory to try on Father’s Day!

Add some Reese’s, and all the X-Men movies, and I call that a pretty good Father’s Day gift. (combined with his birthday gift too) He’s such a good dad he let Sadie open his gifts. lol.

Happy Father’s Day Rory, and to my dad and father in law and soon to be daddy brother, and all the guys I know. You are awesome dads and work so hard for your families. Especially you, Rory.


  1. oh what an awesome idea. I wish Id read this a few days ago. Im hoping my DH enjoyed new shorts, polos and belt instead. He loves Root beer, cream soda, and reeces cups too(hence fawn colored Great Danes name “reece”)

  2. This is such a cute idea. So simple, yet so thoughtful. I bet he loved it!

    xo katie elizabeth

  3. What an awesome, thoughtful gift! Perfect!

  4. What a Wonderful Father’s Day gift! Your husband is truly lucky.

    If I might make one small suggestion however. (And, hopefully you won’t mind.)

    Check out this Limited Edition, Authentic, Life-size, X-Men: First Class “Magneto” Helmet I found for sale. I mean, it’s Really Super Cool. And I know I sure would Love to have it. Here’s the link…


  5. I love x-men just saw the new one it is amazing!

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