knot shorts and shirt-KCWC

Well, I decided to stray from my mission to make as many dresses in one week as possible, and venture into shorts/shirt territory. My guess is these won’t get worn much. She just really LOVES dresses. haha. oh well.
I made the shirt using my Sadie shirt pattern-and altering it a bit-adding a little v in the neckline and coordinating band around the waist. Added some gathered sleeves with yet some more coordinating fabric (yay for coordination), and a bit of gathering in the middle of the shirt panels.
And DUH a button closure. I’m not sure I can make a shirt without one. Isn’t this fabric lovely? It’s from the new Moda line Just Wing It. The main fabric is Flowers in Turquoise, and the accent fabric is Minis in Tomato. I got them both from my awesome sponsor Lily Bella Fabrics!
You’ve probably seen Elsie Marley’s awesome knot shorts already, right? If not, this is what they look like.
They were really easy to make, and turned out really cute. My only thing was that Sadie’s foot gets caught in the lining as she was putting them on, but it’s not that big of deal, I just make sure and scrunch the layers together. Easy, and cute.
Peekaboo at that cute lining!

For some reason…I keep singing “GO GO POWER RANGERS!” to myself when I look at this pic of Sadie. Ya know, cause she looks like she’s striking a fighting pose or something? er….maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that. Yes, I watched Power Rangers. (With my brothers!) Go Pink Ranger. She was the coolest. Unlike me.


  1. Great outfit – love both the shirt and the shorts and the fabric you’ve chosen is perfect for it!

    And your daughter has the greatest expressions – love to see her every time. Personality really shows through.

  2. Super cute!! I love it

  3. SUPER cute as always!! I love the fabric you picked out!

  4. That is insanely cute! Love everything about it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love the variation of the Sadie shirt, and the shorts are the perfect match for the shirt.

  6. well your dresses are pretty awesome but this short outfit is right up there…adorable!

  7. I am so sorry to hear they won’t be worn much!! They are adorable!

    Dresses are just so practical for little girls, but every girl needs a cute little shorts outfit like that, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful work.

  8. That is so cute! If it won’t get worn in your house, you can ship it to mine, my 3 year old would LOVE the outfit (especially because red and blue are her favorite colors ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  9. This is an adorable outfit! I NEED to make some of those shorts!

  10. Jess, you’re KILLING me with these cute outfits!! I can’t wait until I get more experience with clothes and can whip out cute kid clothes like you!!
    p.s. my favorite was the yellow power ranger. ;D

  11. SO cute! I love this outfit!!! And I think you are cool Jess!

  12. I absolutely love all your sweet little girl dresses/clothing! I featured you over at my blog today! You should stop by and snag a button!

  13. I love this outfit! I was going to make those knot shorts last week but it didn’t happen. That top is amazing, and the fabric IS lovely!

  14. I loved everything you made for the KCWC!

  15. oh. m’gosh. I want that outfit for ME!!! Love the fabrics, love the teensy V, love the pleats/gathers in the front, love the knots in the shorts, and the cute lining, LOVE those blue eyes and that sweet face!!! SOOOOO CUTE!!!!

  16. Love the fabrics and the outfit! I like shorts under Ansley’s dresses for playing- more protection than a diaper cover. . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Very cute. Love the fabric choices. x

  18. Very pretty! Everything in your flickr stream is just beautiful. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.

  19. Both came together so well! The fabric is fabulous.

  20. SOOOO cute!! Oh and I was in love with the green ranger growing up so you’re not alone! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. she’s so cute! and I can’t wait to try the shorts. I was wondering the same thing on the hem facing. They’re just too cute to resist though!

  22. So, so cute. I love the outfit – I wanted to make those shorts for KCWC too, but it didn’t happen due to some ill-timed nap strikes by my 5 month old. Yours are super adorable, as usual!

  23. These are soooo cute! I love everything about them, the pattern, the fabric, the gorgeous model!

  24. We have the same problem over here with the knot shorts lining and little toes finding their way in there!! I ended up using stitch witchery to help out a bit… Your outfit is adorable and I hope she wears it a lot because it is super cute!!

  25. I LOVE that shirt… like seriously love it. Amazing work as always, Jess.

  26. this is totally adorable!
    Love the shirt, love the shorts, love the pose!

  27. What a fabulous outfit! Everything you make is so beautiful!

  28. ohmigosh! I LOVE that turquois and red fabric! So adorable. If only I had your talent for creating so many adorable outfits.

  29. beautiful as always! Loves color combo!!! I really wanna try out making these shoerts, how about making them reversible? (TO AVOID THAT TINY PROBLEM)

  30. They look very nice!!!!

  31. I am a fairly new follower to your blog and I just had to let you know how much I love checking in. Your fabric chopices are always just adorable!

    My entire sewing to do list is made up of your tutorials|! LOL just need to win the lottery now to buy the fabric and quit work so I have time to make it all!! x

  32. I love this outfit and had to giggle to myself as I just cut out the shorts for my daughter in readiness for KCWC. I hope she wears them….

  33. I love the top! Do you have a pattern of this? I’m not good at adapting patterns ๐Ÿ™ I’d really like to make a few of these for my daughter.

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