poinsettia tree skirt tutorial

Inspired by this skirt from Garnet Hill, I set out to make my own, and saved myself $188 in the process. Whew!
It’s not an exact replica, and I think I will add more poinsettias to fill it out, but I think it’s pretty darn cute, and not bad for $10. 

Want to make one of your own? Here’s what you’ll need:
2 yards of white or off white fleece. (I used my 40% off coupon at Joann’s and it was only $10) I would recommend getting another 1/4-1/2 yard if you want the poinsettias to look really full)
sewing needle 
matching thread
3/4 inch sew on velcro
pattern for petals  (or you can make your own)
First, fold your fabric piece in half, then half again. I used a tree skirt I already had for a pattern-I would recommend that. I made mine a little larger than the one I had since I knew it was kind of small.
Cut around the tree skirt to get your circle…also cut out the middle where it goes around the tree. I made mine larger than the skirt I was using as a pattern since our tree stand is kinda big.
Cut down one of the sides like so.
 Cut out lots and lots of petals! I used up all the scraps from the two yards and should have gotten more to fill in, but oh well! I found what looked best to me was using two larger petals, then one small petal on top of those. (the picture above is all small petals…btw, but it was the only one I had of the petals.)

 Pinch your petal like so in the middle, and sew around a couple of times with your needle and thread.
Using the same piece of thread, do the same with the next petal, and then the smallest on top of that one. Sew them all together so they lay flattish.
 Then sew the whole flower to the edge of your circle. I laid all of my petals out so I knew where to place them…roughly a few inches apart.

Sew, sew, sew…til you’re done! I watched lots of Sonny with a Chance while I sewed. Yes, I watch the Disney channel. So what?

Now, for the tabs. I really wanted to make the closure look like the ones on the Garnet Hill skirt, but alas-my scraps got tossed in the trash before I grabbed some extras out. So I had limited fabric to work with. Anyways, no one will see this but you guys and me, so whatevs!
Cut out 4 tabs from your fleece-1″x1.5″, and round off the corners on one end if you like.
Cut out 4 pieces of 1″ velcro.
 Place your velcro near the rounded end, and sew on like so. Do this for all four tabs.
Place the tabs on your skirt where you’d like them, and pin them on, with the extra bit of fabric tucked underneath the edge of the fabric.
Sew on your tabs.
Place your other velcro pieces, and sew those on as well. tada! you’re done. Wrap it around your tree and admire!
oooh ahhh.


  1. Oh I LOVE this!!! So simple yet so elegant…awesome job!

  2. Gah!!! I love this SO much! I think I HAVE to make one!

    You make it look so easy – thank you so much for sharing!


  3. It’s beautiful! I love it!

  4. Oh wow, that’s so beautiful! I wish I hadn’t just bought a tree skirt, because I think I like yours better ha ha!

  5. That is beautiful!!!

  6. That is beautiful!!!

  7. That is beautiful!!!

  8. That is beautiful!!!

  9. That is beautiful!!!

  10. That is beautiful!!!

  11. That is beautiful!!!

  12. That is beautiful!!!

  13. That is beautiful!!!

  14. that is just beautiful!! I ♥♥ it!

  15. That is really gorgeous! Great work!

  16. Very elegant!

  17. I love it! Definitely on my to do list- but I probably won’t make it until next year. I’m already a bit behind. 🙂

  18. So pretty! I think it works without more poinsettias–it looks like you just sprinkled them there casually, like snowing flowers 🙂

  19. I just stumbles upon your blog a couple of days ago and I am a HUGE fan! It is a new obsession! This tree skirt is very inspiring! Well done! You are a gem!

  20. really pretty jess. I love the light color. it’ll be perfect for piling presents on. 🙂

  21. Beautiful on a budget, the perfect Christmas Tree skirt! Great job Jess;)

  22. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [04 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  23. That is so funny – I saw this tree skirt in GH and thought… “I could make that!” So glad you did!

  24. Good week end 😉

  25. It is beautiful!!!

  26. This is fantastic! I’m definitely planning on copying this… when I have a real-size Christmas tree!

  27. What a beautiful replica!! 🙂 Great pictures!

  28. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your tree skirt.

  29. Gorgeous, Jess! I have a TON of white fleece left over from Halloween, so I really should try this.

  30. I love this tree skirt. I have been looking everywhere for a non-cheesy one. This is perfect. http://www.petitelemon.com

  31. I love this! I featured it today on my blog – today’s top twenty! I’d love if you could stop by! While your there please click on my widget at the top. For every click P&G will donate 1 day’s worth of clean water! {Plus you get free samples and coupons!} Talk soon!


  32. This is so beautiful! Thank you for the awesome tutorial! I am making this for my MIL (*eek*) for Christmas! I’m also seeing lots of Sonny with a Chance and Hannah, and Wizards… (3 girls 🙂

  33. Gorgeous! I fell in love with this tree skirt too! I just didn’t (still don’t) feel up to making it. Yours looks so good I will make one next year for sure.

  34. saw you on One Pretty Thing- this looks absolutely amazing!! i’ve bookmarked this because I would love to make one like you did. thanks for the inspiration!!! 😀

  35. This is so pretty. I will keep it in mind for next year as I do not have a tree skirt. Love this one!

  36. This is absolutely gorgeous! So pretty! I also added those buttons on the skirt I made this year and I think it looks so nice!

  37. this is so great 🙂
    thanks for sharing how you did it! i need to make one myself!
    xo dana

  38. Absolutely darling!! I love yours more than the expensive one. You did a great job! Thank you for posting!!

  39. Saw this on One Pretty Thing. Beautiful. I rushed out to get the things I needed to make one myself. I’m adding pearl beads to the center of each flower for a little extra “bling”. Love it!

  40. Loooovely !!!!
    Big kiss

  41. Love it..I just made my own last night…I did however use my sewing machine to do the flower petals…I found hand sewing way to hard…then I hot glued the flowers to the skirt instead of sewing them. I love it though!!! Thanks sooo much for the idea!!!

  42. This is so AWESOME! Thank you for sharing the how-to. It’s really doable and I need one badly.

  43. Absolutely LOVE this!!!! Maybe I’ll have enough time to make one for this coming Christmas! You are very talented! Thanks so much for sharing!

  44. It’s been almost a year, but I made this tree skirt last Christmas to replace our hand-me-down plaid one, and we LOVE it! It’s a bit funny actually… I came across your site last year for this tutorial & didn’t check out much else on the site. 6 months later I came across it again for children’s sewing and I am now a dedicated follower/fan of your stuff!! I just realized a few days ago that the tree skirt tutorial was yours! Everything you make is amazing. I’m looking forward to putting down my tree skirt this year 🙂 I ended up making mine out of cream felt, but it turned out great thanks to your tutorial!! 🙂

  45. I love it. Thanks for the easy tutorial. I think your’s looks much richer than the store bought one. Good job!

  46. Mary Friederichsen says

    Oh this is gorgeous! And I agree with others that yours is better! It looks more elegant! Thank you so much for the tutorial we are in need of a new skirt and I just have not been able to find anything that I have wanted to spend the kind of money on that they are asking for! And now I am so glad that I haven’t ! Again thank you so much for sharing, I am signing up as a new follower! 😀

  47. I love this idea and can’t wait to make it! Just wondering–how long did it take you? Thanks!


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