Sorry, I know you were expecting some awesome giveaways to enter this morning. I needed to tie a few things up-so it will be up tomorrow-promise! For now, I’m going to force you to look at show you my vacation photos. muwahaha! ha.
 Well, folks…in just about 5 days….we…..
 …had about as much fun and excitement as we could take! 
 We stayed at the Grand Californian-a splurge even on sale-but worth it! 
 It was an amazing (and swanky) hotel! I loved how close it was to both parks-easy napping for the kiddos. (uh, and me too)
 We saw some of Sadie’s favorite princesses! The Little Mermaid (her FULL title, thankyaverymuch…Sadie won’t call her Ariel.. hehe)
 Belle of course- Sadie loved that they matched dresses. 
 She adores Jasmine, can you tell?
 We beat the 108 degree heat (yikes it was hot) by enjoying all three pools the hotel had. AND a water slide. Sah weet!
 Charlotte enjoyed lounging by the pool in the shade with mommy. Lookit those legs. love them!
 The girls had a movie night on one of the nights so Rory and I could go back in the park and relive the glory days of kid-free Disneyland. 
It was short lived as we were both too tired from kid-full Disneyland.
 We toted around this cutie-who did have a good time, I think. She recently found her hands and munched on them most of the time. She had a good sized ring of slobber around her collar most days by mid morning.
 we waited in line to see…
This one is Rosetta? We aren’t too familiar with the fairies, having only seen one of the movies. She was so sweet to Sadie. Gotta love those characters-they make every child feel so special. 
 Apparently this purple fairy is kind of a trouble maker? She was hilarious.
 Sadie cozied right up to her heroine, Tinkerbell. Later on we purchased a Tink doll for her. She must be so confused as to what size Tinkerbell really is?
 Woody is another favorite-we always make a visit to Downtown Disney’s Lego store for a new (usually Star Wars) Legoman key chain for Rory. 
 Rory and Sadie enjoyed the Dumbo ride-she was all smiles. Rory was happy to go on something faster than the stroller.
Cute sisters on the teacups….. Sadie can go from the highest highs…
 to the lowest lows in the blink of an eye. 
 Nothing a churro can’t fix though! (works for Daddy too 😉
 We always love the Pixar parade. Nemo came right up to Sadie-she LOVES him so loved that. No pic though 🙁
 We watched the new World of Color show-it was AMAzing. Loved every second!
 Sadie loved Minnie and Mickey’s houses in Toontown. I mean LOVED. She would’ve moved in if we’d let her.
 She was very concerned that Cinderella was missing her bucket. no kidding. lol!
 She survived meeting Minnie. AGAIN. She’s not a fan of the characters that have their heads covered. I can’t say I blame her!
 We rode some carousels…
 and Rory and Janae got soaked. 
We did a million other things but I won’t bore you to death with them. Suffice it to say-even with two kids (MUCH harder than just one), getting colds throughout the trip, and a BAD heat wave-we had a blast and wish we could have stayed longer. There’s always next year….


  1. She has the most expressive little face, doesn’t she? Your trip has made me tired–you guys really packed it in!

  2. So exciting! I’m living vicariously through you. Maybe next year a volcano won’t prevent our Disney trip. Sadie’s dress looked awesome in all the pics – I bet she felt like a star. And yes, that purple fairy is a big trouble maker – she caused Tink to destroy all the preparations for spring. Gasp!

  3. Awwww! So exciting! Sigh, one day we will go. So glad Janae went with, bet that made the trip a little easier.

  4. Looks like Sadie had a blast!! I feel like we are living parallel lives…my oldest Charley is 2 1/2 and my youngest Andie is 16 weeks. We are taking the girls to disney in Feb for the first time! I can’t wait! I wasn’t sure how much Charley would get it, but I think she will have a blast too!!

  5. Great pictures Jess, looks like you had a great time.

  6. So fun!! I can’t wait to take my kids to Disneyland…someday…

  7. Sounds like it was a fabulous trip. I love disneyland. So fun you stayed in that hotel!! We always look at it and think how fun it would be…and so convient with kids. Happy day for a fun family trip!

  8. Fun! I’m very intrigued by the World of Color.

  9. I HEART Disneyland. SO jealous. I am glad you had so much fun.

    My boys would have LOVED the lego Woody.

  10. looks like a great time! we were in the 90s in florida and i thought that was bad! i hear ya about being tired. we did 6 park days and i am still trying to recover! 😉

  11. Oh my gosh! So stinking cute!!! I’m SOO Jealous of that! It all looks like SSO much fun!! That Hotel looks AMAZING! I want to go someday!! ALL of those pics of Sadie with all the princess’s were to DIE FOR! Oh my gosh so CUTE!!!!!! We will call you tonight! We found out what our babies are!! YAHOO!!!

  12. This post got me so excited!! We are going in two weeks for my 30th bday and we are taking our daughter who is 16 months. I think she will love it! And I’m expecting again, so it works out perfect bc I can’t ride all the rides and my daughter can’t either, hehe! Sadie is adorable as always!!

  13. sadie looks so happy! looks like an amazing holiday (sorry, vacation – I’m an aussie!)

  14. oohh! your two girls are so so so sweet and beautifull!!

  15. Both of your girls are TOO cute!!! And your littlest one- the close-up picture of her makes me want to DIE! Her cheeks are amazing!!!! 🙂 Looks like you all had a great time!

  16. It looks like an absolutely great time!

  17. Love all those pics of Sadie with the characters. I’ve been resisting the idea of going to Disneyland (it seems so insane!), but I know my daughter would just be over the moon. It’s always encouraging to hear from parents who survived (and enjoyed!) it! Maybe next year…

  18. How fun! We love Disneyland. I got the hubby to get us 2 season passes this year (as so cal residents, we can get cheaper ones), it is high time we make the hour long drive again! Love Sadie’s pics with her Belle dress!

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