…giggling over this picture of Sadie. I was taking a picture of a refashion, and I hear this little voice go,”CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE!” She wanted the camera on her! (where it should be I suppose) This is the picture I got once I turned around. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ariel in tow of course!

…still working on those parties going on in August (Sadie’s second birthday, and my sister’s bridal shower), but feeling better about my preparedness level.

…feeling huge! can’t wait for this baby to come! I know it means the end of a lot of things (namely most of my free time), but I am so excited for our family to grow…and for my belly to STOP growing. need proof? yes, my family made me pose with that playground thingy last weekend cause my belly fit in the space. lol.

…thinking that this pregnancy must give me good luck, cause I won another giveaway! From this super cute Etsy shop. I chose this cute download for the playroom:

…sad that most of my shows are over now for the summer. Except Glee! One more episode…Regionals!

…a little sick of hearing “Under the Sea” and “Part of Your World” over and over in the car. (MEHMAID!!)

…loving the little sentences Sadie says. Ok, like two or three words tops, but it’s still adorable! (day doo Mommy) awwww.

…not loving the warmer weather. I don’t know how I did a whole (very hot) summer pregnant with the Sadester. I must have blocked that out of my mind.

…looking forward to my OB/GYN appointment this morning…hopefully something’s going on. Doubtful though.

…happy to receive this fun package in the mail from Anna! She sent me one of her diaper pouches and a cute onesie for baby! Thanks Anna! I love them. ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. That is the funnest pregnancy picture I have ever seen!
    I would expect that from a fun and creative person such as yourself! I remember what you finished before Sadie got here so this should be a piece O cake for you;)

  2. I stinkin’ LOVE that pregnancy pic of you!!! HAHAHA!!! I’ve been away at the biggest loser resort so i haven’t been able to check out your blog on a daily basis!…so now i can start looking at everything for a little bit!

  3. love the pic of you, you’re totally that cute prego chick! ๐Ÿ™‚

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