teeny quilt

So this quilt wasn’t supposed to get made…what I mean is it started it’s first life as a dress for Sadie. I had the skirt all pieced and everything, and then…I hated it. It was too heavy with the lining, and didn’t look right.

So I sewed the two skirt pieces together, slapped some batting and a back on it…

I love these polka dots…another Target clearance shower curtain-and it matches Sadie’s skirt then I quilted some simple lines while watching Mulan (got it from the library for Sadie but she lost interest….but I didn’t)

…and made some binding from a scrap I’d had sitting around for ages. Now, I love it! Since it only measures 33×27″, I figure it’ll be a stroller/carseat blanket for the baby. Or something. You can never have too many blankets, right? (well, I guess you can at some point)


  1. Fantastic! I hope to make a toddler bed sized quilt at some point. Not quite ready to make the move from the crib yet so hopefully I’ll have time to make one.

  2. Very Cute! My Mother-in-law has made quilts about this size for my girls and she calls them “doll” quilts. They are just the right size for wrapping up baby dolls, stuffed animals, etc.

  3. You have such a gift for piecing quilts/making beautiful collections of fabric. It’s so charming and wonderful! I think I need a tutorial on how to be cool.

  4. waste not!
    Very cute.

  5. Those “smaller” thicker quilts are perfect for the car seat for the babes!!! I also think you can never have too many of those!! Especially when you get a babe that spits up constantly!!

  6. That gorgeous Jess! I haven’t yet ventured into quilt making…you make it sound so easy! I’m not fooled though, it’s just that you’re super clever. Hope you have a lovely week 🙂

  7. Adorable!! I recognize a lot of those prints – I love how you combined them!

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