chalk art

So, last night we pulled out Sadie’s chalk she got from the Easter bunny (yes, we haven’t used it yet, shame on us), and had a blast coloring up our driveway!

I think Rory may have had as much fun as Sadie, if not more fun. I don’t like the feeling of chalk on my hands (kinda like cotton balls…they give me the willies!), so I opted to take pictures and watch the daddy daughter bonding.

I love Sadie’s new kicks. She wants to wear them every time we go out now. (bip bops?)

I dressed her in I-Don’t-Care-What-Happens-To-Them clothes. One of my failed 90 minute shirts and some weird bloomer pants that came with a cute shirt. Lucky I did cause she liked hugging her chalk. lol

Please take a moment to admire Rory’s Christmas tree…not too shabby, huh?

Before Chalk

After Chalk!

You can’t say she didn’t have fun!


  1. I love her BIP BOPS and the CUTE chalk art!

  2. Oh man, she is the cutest thing ever! 🙂

  3. So fun! I’m not into the chalk thing either, but Rayne loves it!

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