by the way…

….our christmas was great! i didn’t post yesterday because my camera died so i charged it but then forgot to take pictures. horrible, i know! i saw lots of people taking pictures, so hopefully they will send me some! (nora, mom?) the two here are the few i got.

we started off our morning at 6 am for stockings at my parents house. sadie did really well waking up that early, the monkey helped. hehe.

then we opened santa presents!

sadie got this fun scooter…she has had this bruise on her cheek for the past week…we have no idea where it came from! poor thing looks like she got into a fight with her scooter and it won. (which, incidentally, did happen later)

THEN we headed up for breakfast with rory’s family (18 people visiting!), and presents there. the paper was flying! phew! we got some wonderful gifts, including a new drill for rory, bread making things for me, and a dolly and wooden cookies for sadie.

THEN….we drove back down to my parents house for presents there. we take turns opening one present at a time, and with 11 people opening, it takes awhile. we were opening presents until 2 pm, with a short break for lunch. we also got some great presents, including a paid for date night, baby sitting once a month this year from my parents, and more dollies for sadie! I also got some wool felt…

…that i can’t wait to play with! and lots of fun fabric. 😀 happy jessica!

so… THEN we stopped by our house to “show” sadie the kitchen. (really she watched rory and my dad move it in, and then got mad when we wouldn’t let her touch it. some still tacky paint)
my family tagged along to see her reaction, my dad most excited of all, of course!

THEN…we headed BACK up to rory’s family’s for their traditional christmas dinner, and had fun chatting and playing with new toys. poor sadie hadn’t gotten any naps, besides the 15 minute car rides back and forth, so we ended up going home to put her down at her normal time. poor baby! holidays are hard for bebes.

THEN…i went over to my parents house to see what was going on and we played this dumb game, the moment of truth, where it has a lie detector in the game, and it said i was lying when i said i had never yelled at a telemarketer, but i HAVEN’T! stupid game. i realize this post is becoming very strange, and commend you if you’ve made it this far.

hope you had a merry christmas too! or happy holidays!


  1. Wow you probably need a nap after all that Christmas family fun!!!! Glad you enjoyed the day with your family!

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