Get ready…

…….for a TON of pictures. For time’s sake I will hopefully keep the blurbs short. (click on any of the pictures to make them bigger)

Agh! So cute. People loved her little outfit. I gotta say i did too! Too bad it got hot later or I would’ve left it on all day!

Day one: Spent most of our time in the car and Fantasyland. Sadie wasn’t sure about the teacups but ended up liking them. She looved It’s a Small World and waved at all the dolls! Her favorite ride was the fountain in Toon Town.

Day Two: Tried on Grandpa Christian’s hat, which he later lost on Pirates of the Caribbean (which Sadie LOVED), wore her mouse ears which fit better, watched Playhouse Disney and learned to bop along with all the music playing in the park, also Sadie got wet in the water area, and we found Mr and Mrs Incredible and ate at the Jazz Kitchen…

Day Three: Didn’t get many pictures today, only of going on the Pooh ride, which Sadie liked. So did Rory. She was a sleepy girl.

Day Four: Very busy! Found Cruella DeVil (hilarious), took pictures of Sadie in her Minnie dress (thanks Susan and Shawn and Ezra!), went on the carousel, found a Minnie doll as big as Sadie, played with a cool mosaic, cooled off on the rapids ride (not Sadie obviously), got some pictures of the two girl cousins and all the crazy kids, and got front row seats to a parade. Sadie loved it, and would bop along to the music. So cute.

Day Five: the trip home. We stopped off in Orcutt to visit with Nora’s parents and had a great time at this cool park with lots of fun stuff and geese and ducks too. We fed them our old Cheerios and they were snobby ducks! We’re glad to be back home. It was a great trip.


  1. I love how you made picture collages for each day! Don’t worry I plan on giving away more blog candy in the future;)

  2. So fun! I’m glad you guys had a good time, but it’s good to have you home!

  3. Oh my gosh i LOVE the pics!! SO CUTE!!! Sadie’s dress is SO adorable!!!! I’m glad you guys had fun!! seeing all those pictures makes me even MORE excited to go in a couple weeks!!! I was thinking about you guys the whole time and how much fun you guys were having! i’m glad you’re back home now!!

  4. So many adorable pictures. Sadie looks so happy to be there. I’m glad you had a great time.

  5. Oh, how I love the pic where she’s giving a cheesy grin in her minnie dress!! 🙂 Did you make it? I wouldn’t put it past you! I actually was in L.A. the 10-13th, so it looks like we barely missed each other. Then Emily Gulick wrote me on Facebook and said she was going down a few days later, lol. We do need to have a joy school reunion.

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