Alrighty then…

We’re halfway (almost) through our Disneyland trip! Yesterday we ( Rory, Sadie, me, and Rory’s mom) left around 7 in the morning and got here around 12:30 or oneish. Sadie is such a trooper. She napped a little bit in the car but still did great. We went into the park and headed straight for Tomorrowland to meet Rory’s sister Mandy and her kids (Katy, Ethan, and Logan).

After watching the Jedi Training for a bit (which I am totally jealous of…I want to BATTLE Darth Vader too!), we hopped on the Buzz Lightyear ride (in which I totally failed to score any large amount of points. Not like last time when I was the second highest level.), Pinnochio, Dumbo, the Carousel, Snow White, the Teacups, ALice in Wonderland, It’s a Small World,

and Roger Rabbit spinny ride. Of all of those rides I have only been on Buzz, carousel, and the teacups before.
My first time to Disneyland was when I was in middle school. (that I can remember, I went when I was a baby, but that hardly counts) Sadie got to go on quite a few with us, although took a nice nap somewhere in there as well. After we headed back to our hotel, she took another hour to fall asleep after screaming. I sure hope our neighbors were still at the park.

Today we grabbed some breakfast at the hotel and took off around nine. We decided to spend the day at California Adventure, and hoped to avoid the crowds. It wasn’t too bad at all! The weather is great too, overcast with patches of sun.

They were having a food and wine thingy…where people got to sit and watch chefs cook them yummy things. I said I would like to do that, and Rory said I was weird. I still hold by my wish.

So we went on some rides (California Screaming twice in a row….no lines!) and had some fun…got some free tortillas. good stuff. Rory and Sadie had fun in the Bug’s Land park, with the water feature, again. She loves it! I will add pictures of all of this when we get back! They had a blast getting soaked, and we had fun taking Sadie on a bunch of the kiddie rides there. I didn’t think it could be that fun going 2 MPH on a caterpillar!

We caught a Playhouse Disney show, where they do a live show incorporating the shows, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Tigger and Pooh, and Little Einsteins, all of which I know the theme songs to, thank you very much. Luckily I wasn’t the only mom in the audience singing along. haha. Sadie really seemed to like it, she’s been bopping along to all the music in the park. Shaking her shoulders…ah, it’s so cute! After that show, she crashed and took a LOONG nap in her stroller.

Later we headed to Downtown Disney for a celebration dinner with Rory’s family. In attendance were Jeff and Nora, Mark, Mandy, Katy, Ethan, and Logan, Ryan and Megan, and Rory, Sadie, and I. We missed Shawn, Susan, and Ezra! Mark is a major now in the Air Force…he’s kinda a big deal. lol. We enjoyed some cajun type food at the Jazz Kitchen and I ate too much chocolate bread pudding. Oh, it was AMAZING.

After dinner Sadie was soo tired, so I headed back here to the hotel while Rory headed into the park for a few more hours of fun. I am soo not that gung ho anymore so I didn’t mind at all coming back to chill out with Sadie, blog, and read more Breaking Dawn. (the New Moon trailer got me reading Twilight again) So, stay tuned for more Disney…and I’ll try not to bore you.


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time!!!! Can’t wait to see the pic’s:)

  2. first of all, so fun I am jealous, second of all, THANK YOU!!!! I got my package yesterday, it was like Christmas, especially with the extra goodies! You are too too good to me! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to use all of my treasures! YEAH!!! You are the coolest!

  3. I’m glad Sadie is traveling well for you. That’s half the battle.
    Keep having fun and I’ll see you sometime when you get back.
    You mentioned coming over Wed. or Thurs.? Wed. would’ve been good, but I woke up this morning sick with a cold. So, I’ll have to play it by ear.

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