The kitchen is (almost) finished!

Really, all we have left to do is get our microwave, which is supposed to be next week. On our 5 year anniversary. Also we may be in the hospital. Oh well, I’m over it. haha. Here are some lovely pictures of our brand new kitchen…my dream kitchen. I can’t believe they got it done so fast! Here is a before shot so that you can see the FULL transformation. Cause it was pretty bad when we bought it. lol. (Please ignore the ugly air conditioner in the window and the random stuff on the counters. We also don’t have any shelves in the upper cabinets yet. So two things left.)



My Grandma is so funny, she said it looks like a magazine. I agree. It’s surreal!

Fun kitchen art from this etsy shop.

Why am I showing you pictures of my pantry? Cause I’m so excited to have shelves! All our food was on the floor or countertops for the past few days. (not that we even filled very many shelves haha) so yay for shelves. Thanks Rory!

“Cribs” style picture…here’s our (empty) fridge.

Our cute little “retro” looking toaster

Awesome sink, that, by the way, Rory installed. Oh yeah, he’s awesome!

Our cool stove.

No my cat’s not dead, or even sleeping…she’s just enjoying the floors. Can you blame her?

Tonight I’m hoping to corral Rory into hanging up stuff in the baby’s room, so maybe I will have “finished” pics of that up tomorrow too. Yay!


  1. Wow! The kitchen looks awesome! It really does look like one from a magazine! I love your retro toaster and stainless steel appliances…I am officially jealous. 😉 Can’t wait to see pics of the finished nursery!

  2. Looks great! So exciting!

  3. Your kitchen is GOR-Ge-OUS! Love the black accents with the lighter wood. You have a good eye for decorating. Hope you are feeling as well as can be at 9 mths pregnant.

  4. Wow. I agree with Grandma…it totally looks like it belongs in a Magazine! And Jenni’s right, you have a real eye for decorating, so fabulous! Can’t wait to see it in person, and the nursery! Okay…isn’t it baby time????
    Also, it looks like we are going to be related in TWO ways now right? AMAZING!!! I can’t even believe Steph and Jarom…so cute! I am so excited for them!

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