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Sincerest Form of Flattery guest: Kalleen from At Second Street

Last but not least, I want to welcome Kalleen from At Second Street-you'll remember her from Tie One on Me week, right? This girl is flat out amazing. She is a past SYTYC competitor-that's when I first found her blog and I remember being so impressed by her projects! Still am. ;) Then I was lucky enough to get to know her and she is so sweet as … [Read more...]

play kitchen canisters-trash to treasure

So, did anyone guess that this was my project? I thought it might be blatantly obvious, seeing how obsessed I am with felt food and Sadie's kitchen. I do love me a good pretend nibble. So here's how I made out! Two pictures ahead. Yes, only two. It's pretty self explanatory...and hard to take pictures of yourself painting. So … [Read more...]