EXTRA special Valentines with free printable!

EXTRA special Valentines with free printable!

One more valentine! I actually created this one in 2015 but never uploaded it, but better late than never, eh? I found the extra gums at our dollar store, so it's the perfect last minute valentine-although maybe better suited for your gal pals or older kids!   CLICK HERE for the free printable! Just glue or tape a small pack of extra gum … [Read more...]

airplane valentine with FREE printables!

airplane valentine with FREE printables!

Another valentine for you all! I found these adorable foam heart airplanes on Amazon (where else!?) (affiliate link<--) and HAD to get them for Charlotte and Ava to hand out! Of course, I had to whip up a free printable for you all to use! I added the cute little airplane to the back so people would hopefully get the hint as to what they are, … [Read more...]

OH snap! camera valentines! (and free printable!)

cutie pie camera valentines!

I know, I know, this is NOT helpful for this year's Valentines! haha! oops. I have a long time love of making Valentine printables for the blog, and I had to put this up here even if it'll be useful for next year! I found these adorable viewfinder camera toys on Amazon (affiliate link), and HAD to order them! They were fairly inexpensive-for … [Read more...]

love letters Valentine party


I threw together this simple "love letter" themed Valentines party for the kiddos this past week. It was simple but with some fun details! Like this backdrop! I went with the WOW factor here. as in WOW I'm glad I didn't have to lick all of these closed. (yuck!) Sadie helped me tape up the many many rows of white envelopes,(affiliate link) and … [Read more...]

Valentine round up..with lots of FREE printables!

10 creative and cute DIY Valentines (and lots of FREE printables!)

I rounded up all my past and present Valentine ideas into one big post so they'd be easy to find & pin! Click on the picture below to get to the post and free printables! (for most of them, at least) Happy Valentining!! (I know it's not a word...) va … [Read more...]

DIY friend Valentine & FREE printable!

DIY friend Valentine & FREE printable!

I love to give Valentines to my mama friends-I think Valentines day is the perfect day to celebrate friendships! So I created this simple little printable for y'all to use however you want to! I found these cute sweet pea travel size antibacterial gel from Bath & Body Works for about $1 and taped them to the card. Download the FREE … [Read more...]

tootsie roll Valentine FREE printable

tootsie roll Valentine FREE printable!

Happy Valentines Day, toots! "tuts", not tOOOts, like Rory pronounced it. That's what I get for being punny. har har. I grabbed some  4x6 bags, purchased a bunch of fruity tootsie rolls, (affiliate links) and bagged them up! (FYI: 3 lbs made about 27 valentines, and there were 7-8 in each little bag) then, print up these FREE printable … [Read more...]

easy and healthy DIY valentine-with FREE printable

easy and healthy DIY valentines-with FREE printable! So easy-just staple the tag onto a bag of Annie's bunny snacks!

Just wanted to pop in and share this super quick and easy Valentine idea! My girls go through these bunny snacks SO quickly. (they're Annies brand-here is where I get them,(affiliate links) and I think Costco has them too) I thought they'd be a great Valentine idea-they're cute, healthy, YUMMY, and easy to assemble. (you could totally use their … [Read more...]

brownie mix valentine gift free printable

brownie mix valentine gift free printable

Today I've got a fun Valentine idea for friends, teachers, neighbors-whoever you want to have a nice pan of brownies mere minutes away. I love these layered mixes you put together in mason jars-they are so cute and perfect to hang onto for a rainy day. Or a chocolate-craving day. (which are one and the same for me. ok every day I crave chocolate. … [Read more...]

monkeys and banana candy valentines-free printable!

monkeys and banana valentines-free printable!

I've got two more Valentine ideas for ya-and this one is Sadie's all time favorite. Probably because I let her eat a candy while we made them. But who doesn't love monkeys? I found these fun bendable monkeys on Oriental Trading and added some banana split candies to fill up some cello bags. You could just do banana candy, or another monkey themed … [Read more...]