cap sleeve floral swingy dress

cap sleeve floral swingy dress

Sadie is of course...growing out of all her dresses. this seems to be a constant thing in our house! So I whipped up two the other day, and I have more I want to make too! I'm feeling my sewing mojo slowly coming back! I made it with some swingy rayon from that looks like it's out of stock! bummer! It was super tricky to sew with … [Read more...]

idle wild fabric sewing!

idle wild fabric sewing!

OHHH my gosh I am just in LOVE with the new line of knits called Idle Wild! Just released by Riley Blake and designed by the Pattern Anthology ladies! When they invited me to be a part of their tour, it was YES and then I had to try and choose the fabrics I wanted...which was hard they are all adorable. I'm wishing I'd gotten some birdies too … [Read more...]

unicorn horn tutorial and free template


You've seen those fun unicorn horns I made for Charlotte's unicorn/rainbow bash, right? Well here is the template and tutorial I promised! These were simple to make and I just chilled out in front of a TV show while gluing and cutting. Sadly that's my idea of a good time. ;) No, really. for these horns you'll need: glitter scrapbook paper … [Read more...]

the Ultimate DIY Bundle

Have you heard of this awesome "Ultimate DIY Bundle" yet? If you haven't, let me give you a little info! It's an amazing library of e-books, patterns, and manuals that are all DIY-based...basically my love language! This bundle has a TON of fabulous content. From Photography to Home Decor to Crafts to Home & Garden to...of course, … [Read more...]

Best of 2014 round up!


I always have a great time looking back over a year of blogging-it's nice having proof that I did something.  ha! See previous round ups here:     2011     2012     2013 Here are some of my favorites posts and things I made/did this year! leather bag-I use this CONSTANTLY and my sister asked me the other day where I got it. After I socked her … [Read more...]

navy and coral Nessie

Nessie tops \\ craftiness is not optional

Not much to this top-a straight up Nessie-but the fabric in my opinion, makes it my favorite Nessie in Ava's drawers right now! You saw it on Sadie's raglan tee, but I think I love it even more by itself. There's something about aqua, coral, and navy-such a great combo. I just couldn't let the rest of that fabric go to waste. Usually after I … [Read more...]

Anna from frozen-halloween costume

So my kids are being super duper original. They are going as Frozen characters. I know, I know. However did we come up with the idea? ahem. warning: tons of pics ahead. So, Miss C is obviously...Anna! Sadie claimed Elsa way back in May when I made her dress (which I need to post still). Ava is probably going to be Olaf. The fabrics are … [Read more...]

Pediatric Cancer awareness month

I'll get back to sewing later this week....I have an important thing to talk about today though... September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. We NEED to be more aware. You may remember my post about Jennifer. (LOVE4JLK) writing this post has me in tears again. It's been half a year since she passed away. Sadie and I talk about her … [Read more...]

lulu top hack (mini tutorial)

lulu top hack \\ craftiness is not optional

I was lazing sitting around in my sewing room one day thinking about my next project and spotted this thrifted turtleneck shirt that I have had for years...I always loved the pattern but for some reason never cut it up to make anything. WELL, that was about to end! I had my Lulu pattern printed off and on my cutting table, so I quickly sewed up … [Read more...]

a trio of union st. tees

I'm so psyched about these tees I have to share with you today. For one, they're awesome (more oh so much more on that later), for (two?)I got to try my friend Adrianna's new pattern, the Union St. Tee, and for three, I made a v neck tee! (confession, I had never done that before now.) I didn't really care for v-neck tees until I read that … [Read more...]