master bathroom makeover with quadrostyle floor tiles

master bathroom makeover

  This master bathroom makeover has been needed for a looong time. I had always put it off because someday we plan on tearing out the hall closet and incorporating it into the bathroom so we can have a tub...but that's someday. I finally decided that I'd had enough and in a whirlwind 2-3 weeks, made over the master bathroom! It's a tiny … [Read more...]

bright and happy shared girls room


I can't wait to share the girls new shared room with you! It's going to be a long post, so buckle in and get ready for a lot of pics and links! (some affiliate links too thanks! :) So obviously baby boy needed his own nursery. (although Sadie badly wanted to share with him...I think she would have backed out of that within a few weeks of nightly … [Read more...]

master bedroom headboard and doily hoops

master bedroom headboard and doily hoops

A little master bedroom redo was in order! I fiiiiinally recovered my headboard! It was a basic brown, which I was getting pretty sick of. We attached the three separate pieces and I recovered it as one piece. I picked out this floral fabric which I ADORE. It worked out perfectly! I also whipped up a few pillow covers that coordinate with the … [Read more...]

cute and quirky playroom makeover

cute and quirky playroom makeover by craftiness is not optional

I finally am ready to share the playroom makeover with you all! I am so excited about it-it's my new favorite room to hang out in, which is handy, cause the kids kinda like it too. What are the ODDS? I wanted it to be cute and quirky-playful, of course, with a touch of elegance. I had some quirks I had to work with, as this is an add-on sunroom, … [Read more...]

Charlotte’s big girl quilt (or, the start of it)

Since Ava kind of has dibs on her nursery, soon the girls will be sharing Sadie's room. (eek!! Ok deep breaths....she'll do fine with the transition to a big girl bed....she will still nap.....please oh please still nap, Charlotte...) So of course this means one thing....a new quilt! (and a new bed, more on that below) To keep with the vintage vibe … [Read more...]

the big nursery reveal!

Finally, it's here....the moment you've all been waiting for! haha...ok maybe the moment I've been waiting for! The nursery reveal! I had so much fun redecorating the nursery for little girl #3 (she does have name...yes an "A" name but we're not telling yet...such a tease, I know), and poured every last bit of second trimester energy that I had … [Read more...]

family tree wall art

 tada! this was my project on One Month to Win It this week! Sorry the pics weren't fantastical...we've had nothing but cloudiness and rain here so I did my best. I loove how this project turned out! and this project won this week! (barely)...I couldn't believe that! wow! thanks everybody! So, when I first heard the theme this week would be … [Read more...]

newly recovered chairs

Remember those chairs I got thrifting awhile back? Well, I finally got around to recovering them. It wasn't a matter of the fabric-that I had picked out hours days after buying the chairs. (a steal at $5 a pop) Speaking of the fabric, it's a lovely zig zag home dec fabric I got from my even lovelier sponsor, Tuft Love. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I … [Read more...]

sprucing up

Our master room has been in desperate need of some sprucing up. It still needs some window treatments (and better furniture) but those will happen someday....In the mean time, I found this cute duvet cover at Home Goods and made some pillows and wall art to try and make it look like adults live here. I love the monograms I made for our "sides" … [Read more...]

crafty room

I've shown my craft room here and here, but I recently deep-cleaned it and I'd changed a few things so I took a few pictures the other day. I also love to see "behind the scenes" if you will, of other bloggers. Hope you do too! I love my little "inspiration" board, made with twine and nails. Nothing unique or fancy, just a fun place to fill with … [Read more...]