liberty of london Knot Necklace


I'm so pleased as punch to share this project with you today, and to be working with Liberty of London on this project! It's easy, cute, and really lets you show off your fave fabric! Hop over there for the full tutorial!   … [Read more...]

fox in sock….puppets for Books Alive


If you have kids (or even if not!) you've probably read a few Dr. Suess books. Or many of them...we have a whole stack of them! (I prefer the board books, honestly...they're shorter haha! I'm not much of an "out loud" reader) Anyways, the rhyming words of Fox In Socks has always made my girls giggle, so I knew my book for Books Alive had to be … [Read more...]

“Z” is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

First off, I am SO psyched to be a part of Katy's Sew All 26 series! I love all her ideas for series, and I adore having a theme to work with. (read: Project Run and Play) I immediately signed up for the letter Z when she first emailed me. For two reasons-it was at the end, and I have been a bit of a procrastinator always lately. Secondly-I had … [Read more...]

simple & easy pattern weights

simple and easy pattern weights

I am thrilled to be a part of Simple Simon & Co's prolific series-"What I wish I'd known when I started Sewing". Which is many things, for me. Alas, most of my sewing knowledge was gained due to plentiful mistakes, trial and error, and A LOT of fabulous online tutorials. So...let me share with you my favorite sewing trick/tool. Trool. When … [Read more...]

the princess bride film petit

princess bride film petit

  Guys I can't tell you how psyched I am to be a part of Film Petit this month! I've been begging asking the gals when my turn would be for years months. If you’re new to Film Petit, it’s an ongoing sewing series hosted by Kristin from Skirt as Top and Jessica from A Little Gray where they pick a favorite movie and sew an outfit (or two) inspired … [Read more...]

KNITerview & a knit bow tutorial

I'm psyched to be over at Rae's today as a part of her KNITerviews-a series all about your favorite bloggers & KNITS! Knits are one of my favorite fabric types to sew with-so comfy for kiddos and grown ups alike, and not as hard to sew with as you may think! Also, as you may know I recently came out with my first knit PDF pattern-the Nessie … [Read more...]

PJ pant tutorial for birch fabrics-with free one size pattern!

charley harper pj pants by craftiness is not optional

I am so excited to be over on the Birch Fabrics blog today, with a tutorial and free one size pattern for PJ pants with some (I think) awesome cuffs and button tabs! A great way to kick off Kids Clothes Week, dontcha think?!I used some of the amazing new Charley Harper fabric-main is Octoberama in Blue, and the cuffs are Twigs Teal.  See ya … [Read more...]

Sewing for Kindergarten-Hopscotch skirt & shirt

 I sew for my kids pretty much year round, so pretty much: constantly. We all know this by now, hm? But it's especially exciting to be making some new back-to-school clothes for my little Kindergartener! Sadie is LOVING school so far and she loves wearing her new school clothes, mixed with momma made, of course. (or else...*stern face*) She is … [Read more...]

orange creamsicle pops for Color your Summer!

Hey guys! I'm psyched to be guest posting today over on Delia Creates, for Delia and Kirstin's Color Your Summer series!  It's been fabulous so far, right? I decided to play around with a recipe this time, although popsicles hardly count as a recipe, as you'll makes them perfect for the kids to help though! These pops are sweet, … [Read more...]

knit dress tutorials for birch fabrics!

I am so excited to be posting over on the Birch Fabrics blog today! I'll be sharing some tips on sewing with knits, plus tutorial for both these cute dresses, today! These dresses were made awhile ago, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on their new knit fabric early! I absolutely love the new Birch Fabric organic knits, they are dreamy to … [Read more...]