pink ice cream dress

Since I have more Oliver and S patterns to try,  I dove right into the ice cream dress pattern, and made this little pink number for Charlotte. (a few weeks ago…. No, I’m not sewing much yet!)

I have one cut out for Sadie too, just need some pretty specific colored thread to make it work. (don’t you hate when you don’t have matching thread and have to wait? It’s like the worst thing ever. In the history of bad sewing things that can happen….yep the worst. So dramatic.)

 I probably need to scootch that button over a bit. Will I ever? Nawh. The pink fabric is from Lily Bella Fabrics, and the solid is Bella Solid-Snow from Ribbon Retreat. Both gorgeous fabrics!

We started out this shoot with a grimace but ended up with the big smile you saw in the first picture. She does like the dress, whatever this photo may suggest. Surprisingly, Sadie did not throw a fit about Charlotte getting a pink dress…she is pretty possessive of the color pink.

I cut out a size 2T, and left off the pockets. It’s a bit big, but as I always make the excuse say-it’ll fit her longer! The only thing I had some problems with was the double hem-it didn’t lay exactly right but it’s good enough, so…..I called it good. The thing I’m really loving about Oliver and S patterns is that they are so well constructed! It’s fun learning new techniques and tips too.

Have you sewn anything pink lately? Don’t tell Sadie if you have….


  1. Oh my goodness her little face is so adorable! And the dress is cute too. My daughter is also quite smitten with pink :)

  2. I just purchased this pattern a couple weeks ago and finished my first ice cream dress too. Do you tips on making the “v” in the neckline? Your neckline looks perfect. I did mine several times, one by sewing a perfect “v” and then another by adding two stitches at the bottom of the “v”, a tip that I picked up during a Bernina sewing class. But both of them appeared slightly bunchy. Additionally, the double hem was a bit challenging but I think with a little practice I’ll get it. Your dress looks great.

  3. La niña es guapísima. Como dicen por aquí, está para comersela.

  4. Love the polka dot fabric. I knew the pattern as soon as I saw the top. Love it, I should buy it already! And yes, this can be a dress and a shirt later, love when that happens.

  5. SO CUTE. I think if Em had a sister she’d do the same thing with the pink. I really love the serious photo of C, too – she’s looking so grown up these days!

  6. Yes, not having matching thread is truly a seamstresses nightmare.
    The dress came out cute! And Charlotte is just adorable, as usual. =)

  7. she looks perfect only needs angel wings too compleet the picture

  8. Gorgeous!

  9. Yes, I nearly have my own little STORE here at home and yet I still run out of things. I can’t wait to try this little number… so adorable. Thanks for all you do!

  10. Such a sweet face and a beautiful dress! Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. So cute!! I often run out of just the right color thread. Sometimes I’m too impatient to wait and use one that’s close enough. LOVE Oliver + S! It was a sad day when my local fabric store stopped carrying their patterns. :(

  12. oh how sweet is her little face? and i love how the colors go together!! how sweet!


  13. How on earth do you have time to post stuff like this? Did you make it before Ava was born? or are you really super-mum!!!!
    I am totally in awe of you either way.

  14. I love, love the first pic of your daughter–that grin. And then to find that it started with a “poopy” face!! It is a great little dress. You are off and running already, ha? Hope you and the baby are doing great!

  15. The cheeks! I can’t get over those cheeks! She is one cute little kiddo! And that is one beautiful dress…I do love that pattern!

  16. Just gorgeous!

  17. Charlotte is as cute as a bug’s ear! And I like her dress, too.

  18. Lovely. This is my next big sewing project I think. I have enough of them pinned (this will join them).

    Oliver + S is having a pattern sale this Saturday the 24th for small business day.

  19. Aww :) love her little curly hair. Adorable dress! Haha if you ask me, she’s got quite the model look going on in that “grimace” pic ;D lol


  20. First time visitor here – found you on pinterest. This dress is so cute i think i must try it! Congratulations on the birth of your youngest daughter. You have a gorgeous family!

  21. Beautiful! I wish I knew how to sew like that! IS gorgeous!!! I´m only a beginner, so I only can dream of that day!


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