a few new tops for me…(yes, more!)

I’ve been getting so brave with sewing tops for myself. And by brave I mean having too much fun with my elastic, as you’ll see. I’m a big fan of the elasticy waistband-gives you somewhat of a shape but is comfy. Gotta love that. This top I made with Prudent Baby’s tute, after stumbling across Anna’s again. Love hers.

I got me some more voile too! Thanks, Anna for getting me hooked on voile. Is there a 12-step program for voile addicts? I may need one soon. This is Anna Maria Horner’s Village Path in Sea-from her Little Folks line. It is amazingly soft and comfortable.

I didn’t shirr my waist (zig zag stitched 1/4″ elastic on the wrong side) shortened it (obviously) and cut out a slight scoop neck. Other than that, I followed the tutorial pretty closely.

Also, please (pretty please?) ignore my weirdo spastic faces in these. Sadly, these were the best of the bunch, which is why my face is plain old cropped out of the next pic.

I made this top from a pattern in the book Sew-U (a built by Wendy book), a book all about sewing with knits! It’s the only thing I’ve tried so far from the book (a Christmas gift…I know, sad that I’m just cracking it open now) but there are lots of fun ideas and I have another 4 yards of this knit, so I may be wearing it a lot in the near (and far) future.

It’s comfy and although I need to practice more with my sewing, the fit is good and again with the elastic waist! Well, in my defense, it’s the only thing that gives me any kind of a waist. (I was born waist-less, did you know that? It’s a bummer of a birth defect)

Anyways-I’m building up my courage for a dress. We’ll see…


  1. I have the same birth defect. I wear a lot of belts for the same reason.

  2. I totally like your blog and I am a new follower !
    Visit my blog which is also about sewing if you like:)


  3. Really Cute Tops!

  4. Great tops Jess. I love that Anna Maria Horner voile, and I’m so happy to see you sewing for yourself.

  5. Love the tops, I’m still trying to master the elastic…but when I do…watch out…;)

  6. If I ever find my waist again I will come back to this post:)

  7. If there’s a 12 step program for voile I definitely need to be in it :)

  8. Seriously – always sewing for yourself…don’t you ever sew for your kids? Especially Sadie? LOL – the tops are so cute! I’m glad I’m not the only one who does weirdo things in pictures – my sister is always yelling at me “Can’t you just NOT do that?”

  9. My dad was a tailor and my mom knows her way around the sewing machine as well. I grew up wearing clothes made in our garage and my dad’s shop so I always end up having unique pieces tailored to fit me. Your kids are lucky!

  10. Cute tops! And you look great in them!

  11. I have that same birth defect. It’s a tragedy. I require extreme belting and/or elastic waists. I’m so glad elastic waists and belting everything is in style right now. Without that type of visual aide its difficult to determine if a waist occurs on my body. With? Practically an hourglass figure! Yay!

  12. Congrats on Blog of Note!

    It caused me to find you, and I like what you post. Will follow!

    I am an artist (but I craft a lot, too!). If you like, you can see my work at http://xoxoxocd.blogspot.com

    xoxoxo, cd

  13. great tops! you are a sewing maniac! I think your funny faces are awesome. I love it!

  14. Super cute!

  15. I would like to sewing the same top!!

  16. I love the blue and yellow one! wanna make me one? say, maybe for christmas?

  17. i love all the tops you are making! so cute!!

  18. Great Job! I just started drafting patterns and making my own shirts, they end up looking so much better on me then anything I can buy at the store. It’s addictive.

  19. Love that you are doing more sewing for yourself. Your tops are so cute! I need to try working with elastic… it scares me :)

  20. I’m so inspired. I really need to get over my fear of making tops for myself. You look great.

  21. These are fun! It’s great to see shirts for you. :) I also am waistless (ha) but sometimes like to say I just have small hips. :)

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