one in every color…

…or a few colors, at least. Couldn’t help but make Sadie a few more of these rose clips…they’re so easy and cute. and addicting.

there are worse things to be addicted to, I suppose.


  1. those are too adorable! i need to make some for maude. do you have a fav. place to get your felt?

  2. Kamille-I get most of my wool felt from this site:

    The prices aren’t bad, especially if you’re just getting small cuts for flowers, etc!

    My Joann’s has wool felt, though not as many colors…good for the basics though. :)

    Love those clips. No little girls here though. They seem grown-up enough for adults though right?

  4. glad you found me, Holly! Sorry about any confusion over my blog name! :)

  5. cute, they are really adorable! and sadie’s dress yesterday is so pretty!

  6. I love these clips too. I made some for my girls to wear to school in uniform colours and some for their friends and a red and green one just for me. I think they are cute. Why should my daughters be the only ones with cute stuff for their hair!

  7. I love these. Added to my to do list.

  8. Wow!! I love these!

  9. Very fun clips, love the natural colors you used!

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