dance away

because you always have to dance on a quilt top after you finish it….didn’t you know that?

sadie seems to know which quilt is hers…

she twirled around singing “da dum da du da”

she left the baby’s quilt top alone…

guess she liked hers more!

i’m torn myself. i like them both.

i used this sketch for the baby’s quilt….and this tutorial for the hourglass blocks.


  1. Both quilts turned out soooo cute! I love your fabric choices! Your girls are spoiled to have such a crafty mom! :)

  2. They look great! I especially like Sadie’s. That is a pattern I wouldn’t normally choose myself, but now that I’ve seen yours I’ll have to keep it in mind for a future project! I really like it!

  3. What fabric do you use for the white?

  4. I used a sheet for the white fabric…call me cheap, but it works!

  5. great fabric choices!

  6. Of course you have to dance on it! She’s celebrating your accomplishment! :)

  7. Loooove them! I am going to try an hourglass block for my February Valentine block. I already have it cut, just trying to decide how to big my sashing is going to be. I love that Sadie loves her beautiful quilt top and is breaking it in;)

  8. how great! they both look awesome but i will say i am loving the colors together in the one for the baby!!!

  9. They are both so pretty, but I have to say that Sadie picked the one I like best. I love the triangle pattern on her quilt.

  10. Oh to be so talented! Love both of the quilts. Someday I’ll learn…

  11. They look lovely!

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