play oven mitts

so, i thought i was quite brilliant thinking of this.

i have bursts of brilliancy sometimes, you see.

i’ve had these dollar store oven mitts that my mom got me for awhile. i loove the fabric. very retro!

i figured i could use them in sadie’s play kitchen (you know, whenever we get one), and she would just look cute with these huge oven mitts on her hands.

and then i thought, woman! you have a sewing machine!

make them smaller. duh.

so here goes!

first turn your mitt inside out.

trace your mitt shape…make sure there’s enough room in the thumb. my second one was a tad narrow because i didn’t.

sew slowly over your mark.

trim around your new seam and clip rounded edges so it will turn easier.

turn right side out and admire how cute they are!

pose them with your silly felt pie.

then, let your child play with them, or pick them up and toss it behind her, as sadie did.

so simple, huh?

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dollar store crafts,

and craftzine!

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  1. You are so crafty! I love how the oven mitts turned out! So cute! Do you sell your play food in your Esty shop? If so, I might have to get some for Elle…Christmas is right around the corner! :)

  2. Hey! That’s a lot easier than the one I made for Rayne with a sketchy pattern and trying to guess her hand size. haha! Definitely will have to try that next time…

  3. So cute! Cute tute, cute photos. Nice! I’ll post about it on DSC 9/2.

  4. This is brilliant!! I love how your brain works.

    I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  5. Cute cute! I hate it when I forget how simple some things are ;)

  6. Such a great idea! Saw this on “Dollar Store Crafts”

  7. Great idea, so clever!

  8. I love this! This is one of those seems-too-easy, “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas.

  9. Those are “sew” cute!!!

  10. Thanks for saving me some minute of reflection! And working time, probably.

    I was going to make some from scratch, but your idea is much more better! and they’ll feel more real.
    thanks for sharing! :D

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