ER trip

I did not expect our trip to the library to end in a trip to the Emergency Room, alas, it did. Before you freak out, Sadie is ok. We were checking out some books and she slipped on the tile and fell face first on the ground, pretty hard. Right away I knew it was more than the usual fall…she was screaming and when I picked her up blood was dribbling out of her mouth. Her nose and forehead were swollen already, and I was sure she’d broken her nose, or had a concussion! Luckily the librarians and a kind woman helped me figure out what to do and where to go…I couldn’t remember for the life of me, how to get to the hospital. The woman grabbed my books and came out with me to the car. (I would’ve left them on the counter, hehe) We took off for the hospital, Sadie screaming in the backseat in pain. I felt HORRIBLE. I called Rory on the way to let him know what had happened, but he didn’t answer his phone. I called Jarom sobbing…poor guy I freaked him out. They work together, so I was trying to find Rory…he pointed me in the direction of Chris, who I called and finally got ahold of Rory. gorsh.

Once we got to the hospital, they got us in to a nurse pretty quick, who looked her over and took her vitals. At this point, poor baby looked pretty bad, red/purple forehead, blood drops down her shirt, and dried blood on her face. Her mouth had stopped bleeding thank goodness. Oh, and Rory had joined us by now…whew. It helped me not freak out to have him there, although I surprised myself by only bawling in the car ride over. That’s self-control! So then we waited a little while (although it felt like an eternity), and finally saw a doctor who looked her over and then ordered a cat scan. A cat scan? I thought….those are only in the movies. But yes, we had to see our little baby strapped down and in a cat scan tube, we called it a donut, and she did really well in it. She was so brave the whole time, I think she was more tired than anything else. So, after that we waited for the results (on a gurney, in a hallway, no less…nice.), and they said she was ok! So…that was our unintentional excitement this afternoon. I’m just glad she’s fine…it was pretty scary.



  1. Wow! How scary! It’s always so hard to see your little ones in pain and you feel so helpless because there’s not much you can do to make them feel better. And it’s always so scary to see blood! Jax fell at Costco once and split his head open. There were a ton of people running over to help. They gave me directions to the nearest Instacare, etc. It was hard trying to stay calm when I was freaking out inside. He ended up needing stitches and I hated seeing the nurse and doctor AND Brandon holding him down on the table. Ugh! NEVER a fun thing to go through! Sorry, that got pretty long. 😉 Anyway, I’m so glad that Sadie is okay!! Little trooper!

  2. Holy Smokes! What an adventure! I remember when Mia fell off a stool and chipped her part of her front tooth off…your heart stops! Good job on getting to the hospital in one piece!! Kiss her little boo-boos for me…

  3. Poor baby! I’m glad she’s ok. Hopefully she’s not scared of the library now. :)

  4. That is scary, I am so glad that she is doing better. The bruises will probably be scary today!

  5. My goodness! The first ER trip and you both survived. Congrats! I am dreading that first trip, though I know it is bound to happen.

    I didn’t know the library could be such a dangerous place! 😉

  6. I’m so proud of you for handling it so well! Way to go! Glad Sadie is ok too….I guess you’ll have to make her a new shirt for being so brave…and to replace the stained one!

  7. I’m so glad Sadie’s alright! When I read the title of the blog, I thought the worse.
    It’s always scary and difficult to see your child hurt…no matter how old they are.

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