The quilt!

Here is the finished product! It was easier than I expected and I learned a few thing along the way that will be helpful next time. (next time...always next time...grr) The whole thing! Nicely sewn edges! I know that's what you're thinkin', right? Sadie loves it! She loved it so much she urped all over it right after this picture! Yess! Plus, … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday

Whoa, it's been a long time since I did this! I should call it Flashback Finally! haha. Yes, I know I am hilarious. It's a bit ridiculous how funny I am. Moving on. Isn't this picture Awesome with a capital A? It's from when Rory and I lived in Utah, and my family stopped by on their way home from a church history tour (which I have not gotten over … [Read more...]

Be quite.

So I got a text from Rory this evening, which is strange in and of itself as he never texts, plus he was just in the living room...but anyways, it said:Come take a picture be quite. Be quite what? Charming? Beautiful? Totally all around awesome? We already know I am all of those things. Also "quite" humble. Anyways, I gathered the real meaning of … [Read more...]


Man, it's tiring to quilt a quilt on a machine. Pushing all that fabric through over and over again. It's a work out! It's done yay. (the quilting part) Now I have to sew the binding on, by hand, thank you very much. I've never done that, so I had to look it up is the tutorial I found that helped the most. It has … [Read more...]

Just life…

Wouldn't you love waking up to a face like this? She's so happy when she wakes up it almost makes it worth waking up. (for me) lol. I got a new reading lamp for my nightstand. We only had one measly light in there before. Is it weird that I love pulling the little chain so much I will turn it on for no reason? Oh well, all the better to read my … [Read more...]


Daddy fed her today...Can you tell? … [Read more...]

Saturdays rock!

Reasons Saturdays rock:I get to shower without baby in the bathroom with me. (in her bouncer)I get to eat breakfast without bouncing baby on hip or placing in swing.We get to go see movies (separately of course, Rory's turn this week)Cassy and I had a great talk whilst the boys were watching some bloody vampire movie. (if it doesn't have Edward in … [Read more...]

Rainy Day fun

We had a fun lazy rainy day today. Janae came over (big surprise) and we played with baby, scrapbooked, baked, lunched, and cooked dinner. And when I say we, I mean I. Well, Janae handled the baby while I did the food. lol. Baby was in a good mood today, thank goodness! She likes it when we get out of the house or when other people besides me are … [Read more...]

I scrapbooked.

Hurrah! Go here to see a few more: Jessica's Scrapbook Page … [Read more...]

It’s so glamorous being a parent.

Look closer. That dark spot on her pants and shirt.Yes. A diaper exploded today. I changed the color to black and white to spare the innocent.(believe me, it was yucky)Blowout! This is only minutes after the fact! Somehow her diaper just exploded. haha. We don't get these often, so it was kind of funny. Anywho, she got a second bath and was happy … [Read more...]